Life After Uni

Finishing your studies and graduating is a time for celebration however there are some important steps you should take to prepare for your next step as a fresh graduate.



You may have used The CORE as a current student, and you can continue to make use of it as a graduate to help support your career plan and graduate applications.

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Your Graduation

Everything you need to know about your ceremony. Find out the date, location and robe you're required to wear, and purchase your ceremony tickets.

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Every CCCU student becomes an alumnus upon graduating. This automatically entitles you to several benefits and grants you access to the CCCU Alumni network.

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 Graduate Jobs

Find out how to prepare for graduate job interviews, different graduate job selection processes and your future career. 

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You may be leaving Christ Church with a debt that can seem daunting. The facts are not as scary as they first appear so make sure you know how and when you could start making repayments.

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 Moving Out

From changing your contact address with CCCU to checking your inventory, there's several things you can do to help make moving out of your student accommodation run smoothly.

Some ideas to help you while moving out

Further Study

Whether you are considering further study as a postgraduate or entering teaching, there's a range of routes open to you as a CCCU graduate.

Your next level of study

outcome survey

Just over a year from now, you should be invited to participate in the Graduate Outcomes survey. This is a national survey that captures information about the activities and perspectives of graduates 15 months after they finish their studies.

How we improve for future students


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