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Supporting your wellbeing

We want to continue to support your wellbeing. We may not be able to bring you the StressLess zone or run the other fun activities we had planned, but we hope this range of online resources will help you to #StressLess as you continue your studies and research remotely.

New skills blogs

We appreciate you’ll have to learn a lot of new skills quickly, so you can now find all our skills blogs under a single button in the menu. We’ll continue to support the new skills you’ll need on this journey including:
Getting going with Collaborate Ultra
Productivity and motivation
Preparing for a take-home exam

Wellbeing and self-care e-books

We have curated lists with a selection of

All the titles are accessible through LibrarySearch. We've also added a filter to the LibrarySearch homepage which allows you to see which new e-books we've bought based around study skills and wellbeing.

#Stressless from home

We’ve taken the Stressless campaign into the home. Read our blog post on making the most of the wellbeing resources available or learn how to let your inner child fly free. If you're missing Augustine House we have some Augustine House colouring sheets.

Alternatively there is a great round up of all the free entertainment resources available on the students blog.

Supporting student parents

If you're studying whilst looking after children during lockdown, resources mentioned in our blog The great indoors: resources to support working and studying from with children maybe helpful to keep your children active and engaged. 

Box of Broadcasts Playlists

We’ve been curating a range of playlists to help you get away from it all:

Kanopy Great Courses

There are a range of Great Courses on Kanopy all based around wellbeing. We have a playlist featuring the first episode of ten great courses to discover; practicing mindfulness, understanding and dealing with stress, take yoga classes, learn a new skill and more. Find the playlist here

Spotify Playlists

We have a number of Spotify playlists, perfect to study or work by. Enjoy stirring movie soundtracks or discover the different colours of noise. We also have our very own #StressLess playlist compiled from your suggestions last Semester. Take a listen.

The University also has it’s own #stayhometunes playlist.

Alternatively why not try the Rainy Moods app for some background noise.

Relaxation websites

From producing a mesmerising piece or art in a matter of minutes to tools designed to help you take a break. Here are our picks of some of the best calming websites: – Blend your perfect mix of background noise to work to. – Focus on your breathing. – Help taking a two minute break. – Relaxing fractal-like image generator. – calming art tool that allows you to draw your own nebula. – A digital art creator that allows you to produce a beautiful piece of art with numerous different tools. Learn each one and see what you can make.


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