What are journals?

Journals, also known as periodicals or serials, have certain characteristics which are different from books:

  • They contain a selection of articles by different authors
  • They are published regularly, eg. weekly, monthly or yearly
  • They contain concisely written articles on specific topics
  • They have articles which present and discuss results of research or case-studies

Why use journals?

Journals provide an important source of information in addition to books, as they contain individual articles which give up to date information and research in specific subject areas.

During your course you will be expected to make use of journals, so it is a good idea to become familiar with what they are and to understand how to search them for relevant information.

Finding journal titles

Journals come in different formats "print and/or online" and the Library holds over 11,000 titles on different subjects.

Printed journals

You can search for these titles using LibrarySearch by changing the drop-down menu option on the search screen to Library Resources and then using the refine option for journals from the left-hand menu.

Online or e-journals

You can find links to e-journals that the library subscribes to using LibrarySearch. When you have signed into LibrarySearch, type the title of the journal you are looking for in the search box in double quotation marks. If the journal title appears in the results list, click on it and follow the Find it links to the relevant database. You will be able to read whole articles on your computer screen or print them out.

To search for individual articles in journals see the Journal articles page.


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