Journal articles

Why use journal articles?

Use journal articles in your assignments to show that you are up to date with developments and debates in your subject.

There are different types of resources, including databases, and depending on the work you are doing, you might want to use different ones at different times.

Full-text resources

These not only provide you with a reference and abstract or summary of an article but also allow you to download the full text of the article so that you can read it straight away online. Please note that the 'full text' icon does not necessarily mean that every article you find on a database will be available in full text. Although some resources are completely full text, others may only offer selected full text articles.

Indexing and abstracting resources

These provide you with references to published articles. They may also provide an abstract or summary of a particular article so you can assess if it is relevant to your needs. If you find a reference to an article you want, you should check if the journal is available in one of libraries. For more information, see the Journals page.

Databases are searched using keywords, which describe the topic you are interested in.

To find out how to use a particular database see the Guides page.


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