School/FE Group visit request form

Please read these guidelines and complete the form below if you would like to bring a school/FE group to visit one of our libraries. This will help with practical arrangements, confirm responsibilities and ensure that you are able to make the most of your visit.

Planning your visit

You are welcome to bring a group to one of our libraries to look at and use the resources. Please request your visit at least a month beforehand by completing the form below.

We will then confirm arrangements by email.

Please note

Note: Visits can be arranged between June and the middle of November and between the middle of January and the end of March

Car parking

Car parking space is extremely limited on the University campuses and there is no parking at Augustine House in Canterbury. It is recommended that you make alternative parking arrangements, or contact the appropriate campus directly for assistance.

During your visit

On arrival at the University please go to the Library where you will be met by a member of Library staff. Please note that Library material is for reference use only and that no borrowing or computing facilities can be made available. There are no photocopying services for visitors at Augustine House in Canterbury.

Visiting with under-18s

School groups or other youth organisations are welcome to visit, perhaps as an introduction to a University Library or as an opportunity to look at a wider range of resources than those to which they usually have access.  During the duration of the visit, the teacher or adult responsible must remain with the group at all times and is responsible for the behaviour and welfare of the group, in accordance with section 13 of the University’s Under 18s Policy.

All visitors are expected to respect the library rules regarding food or drink and to demonstrate responsible behaviour and consideration to other people who are working in the library.


The campuses and libraries have wheel-chair accessible doors and lifts to other floors. Please inform us before arrival if you have any special requirements.

First aid

If any of your group falls ill during your visit, please inform us immediately and we will call a member of staff with First Aid skills if necessary.

Fire and emergency

If the fire alarm sounds during your visit, please take your group out of the nearest emergency exit.

School/FE Group visit request form

  • Request to visit
  • Group contact details
  • Name
  • Proposed date and times of visit (arrival and departure).
  • Would you like the visit to include

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