Printing, photocopying and scanning


In Augustine House, each floor has at least one multi-functional device (MFD). This is a combined printer, photocopier and scanner. Printing can be collected by swiping your smartcard or by logging in with a CCCU username and password using the touchscreen. You will also need to login to use the photocopier and scanning functions.

The MFD can print in both colour and black and white, in A4 or A3 and can print either single or double sided. The default option is to print double sided (duplex printing). Duplex printing is more cost effective and greener as paper use can be halved. To encourage a greener consumption of paper the cost is the same to print on both sides of a sheet as it is to print on one side only. View print costs for details.

Print queues

The print queues to the MFDs are marked Xerox_Mono for black & white printing and Xerox_Colour for colour printing. Print credits are charged according to the queue you use.

Print credits

At the start of a course and the start of each subsequent academic year all students are allocated £15.00 for printing.

Users can check their print credits by using the Print Balance application under All Programmes or by visiting

Any additional printing can be purchased in quantities of £1.00 by card online.

i-Print service

The i-Print service can be used to print to the MFD from a non-University device or computer. You do not need to be on campus to send the file to print, but you do have to be on campus to physically print the file. You can choose colour or black-and-white printing. Print credit charges are the same as printing from a University computer.


Please be aware of copyright regulations on any printing, photocopying and scanning. Visit the copyright page for details. 


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