Lockers in Augustine House

If you need somewhere safe to keep your property whilst working in Augustine House, you can use one of the lockers provided.

There are 64 lockers located on the ground floor, just outside the security gates at the back and side entrances. Some are designated for Postgraduate students.

You can borrow a locker key for 14 days. You may wish to renew the locker key if it is close to its due date, or return it if you have finished with the locker.

To apply to use a locker, visit the Augustine House Reception Desk to complete  form and be issued with a key.  

Please note:

  • Don’t store unissued Library items in the lockers.
  • We advise you not to leave valuables in the locker.
  • We may make spot checks on these lockers for security reasons.
  • If you are late returning the key after its due date or if you lose the key, you will be charged £10 for a replacement.
  • The University does not accept responsibility for loss of, or damage to, any items left in lockers.
  • If you forget your locker key, staff at the Reception Desk can help you access your locker. If you repeatedly forget your key you may be asked to surrender your locker and pay a lost item charge.

Accessible lockers for Library users with disabilities

There are eight lockers in Augustine House designated for long term use by users with disabilities or health issues.

If you need to use these lockers, please get in touch with the Student Disability Service.


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