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Curriculum Resources is a special collection of teaching resources for education students to borrow. It contains books and other materials on all subjects to help with lesson planning and use whilst working with children in the classroom (mainly primary level).

The collection is held in the moving shelves on floor 2 of Augustine House. Education students may borrow up to 20 items from here in addition to their normal library borrowing allowance. Students based at Broadstairs, Salomons and Medway can request items from Curriculum Resources to be sent to their home site.

You can find all curriculum resources by searching LibrarySearch.

Classmarks and Subjects

Every book in the Library has a classmark on its spine and all the items in Curriculum Resources have CR before the classmark to denote that they are part of this collection. Broad classmark subject areas in Curriculum Resources are:

000 - ICT 500 - Maths and Science
100 - Philosophy 600 - Design and Technology
200 - Religious Education 700 - Art, Music, PE
300 - Citizenship 800 - Literature
400 - Languages 900 - History, Geography

Many books in the CR collection can be used for cross-curricular work, whichever main subject area they are shelved in.

Other material in Curriculum Resources

In addition to books in the main curriculum subject areas, you will find other useful material kept in Curriculum Resources:

  • Fiction: This is shelved at the front of the building
    • Picture Fiction (ages 0-7) - classmarks start PF
    • Junior Fiction (ages 7+) - classmarks start JF
    • Senior Fiction (ages 11+) - classmarks start SF
    • Junior and Senior Fiction Anthologies - classmarks start JF/A & SF/A
    • Big Books (PF or JF - large books used for whole-class teaching)
    • Group reading packs - multiple copies of fiction books which can be borrowed as one item, shelved at CR 428 .
  • CD-ROMs and DVDs - shelved together with books
  • CDs
  • Big Books – non-fiction for whole-class teaching
  • Equipment and artefacts - for subjects including RE, maths, science, languages music, history etc
  • Posters - shelved in large drawers 

Need Help?

If you would like any help or advice on using Curriculum Resources, please contact
Catherine Sherwood, Learning and Research Librarian for Education


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