Borrowing, Returning and Reservations

Once you become a member of the library you will receive a University smartcard. You can use your card to take out items.

You will also receive a pin which will allow you to log in to the self-service machines.

Your membership allows you to borrow:

  • Eight items from the 4-week loan Collection
  • Two items from the 7-day loan Collection
  • Eight items from the Curriculum Resources Collection

All your loans, will be renewed automatically on a rolling basis, unless the item is reserved by another user.

All loans, will be renewed automatically on a rolling basis (in accordance with the loan period of the item), unless the item is reserved by another user.

If your loan has been requested then it will not be renewed; you will be notified by email that the loan will need to be returned.

If you encounter any problems then please contact us as soon as possible for assistance.

If you require somebody to borrow library items on your behalf, please email

You will receive an acknowledgement email with guidelines on how items can be collected.

You can cancel your proxy borrowing arrangement at any time by emailing

If your loan has been requested then it will not be renewed; you will be notified by email that the loan will need to be returned and its current due date. You do not need to bring it back earlier than the due date.

If the reservation is satisfied before you bring your copy back, the loan will be automatically renewed again.

You can check your holdings using the self-service machines on campus. We will also send you a monthly statement with details of the items you have on loan. This will help you keep track of your items and decide if you need to return items that you no longer need. It is important you check your monthly borrowing statement and library account regularly so that you know when your items are due for return.

You can return items to any campus library; items do not have to be returned to the library they were borrowed from.

Items can be returned:

  • through a self returns machine,
  • by bringing items to the staffed desks,
  • by post.

Returning items by post

If you would like to return items by post, we recommend that you request a free 'proof of posting' at the Post Office when you hand over the parcel. We will also accept the proof of posting date as your return date and will reduce or remove any fine that might accrue during the time that your books are in transit to us.

For Augustine House library please send to:

Library and Learning Resources,
Augustine House & Hall,
Rhodaus Town,

For Salomons Institute of Applied Psychology Library please send to:

Library and Learning Resources
Lucy Fildes House,
1 Meadow Rd,
Tunbridge Wells

We can reserve items on your behalf. Please email your campus library:

Reservations can be placed:

  • If all the copies of the item are out on loan at your home library.
  • If the copy is only held at another campus library and not at your home library. It can then be reserved and sent to your chosen pick up library. Please note only alumni can request items from the Drill Hall library shelves at this time.

You can:

  • Place reservations on 4-week and 7-day loan items only.
  • Request a maximum of 10 items at a time.
  • Contact us if you wish to cancel your reservation at any time.

Notification and collection:

  • Notification is sent to your e-mail address when an item is ready for collection.
  • The item will be held for one week for you to collect.
  • Items are collected from the reservation pick-up point located next to the self-service machines.
  • Your items will be indicated by a paper slip with your surname and last five      digits of your card number.

A fetching service for books and other items on our open shelves is available for those who have difficulty accessing the material themselves.

  • You can request up to 10 items per day.
  • The service is available seven days a week. We will endeavour to make the material available the same day, but please allow up to 48 hours for requests to be fulfilled.
  • You will receive an email to advise you that an item is ready to collect from the reservations shelf. You will just need to issue the item on the self-issue machine.
  • Remember you can have a maximum of 10 items reserved on your account at any time.

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