Your Feedback Matters

We are always striving to deliver the highest quality service to our users and constantly looking for ways to improve.

Your feedback is a vital part of this. We value your views and opinions on everything, whether it’s about the resources, borrowing, support, the space or the facilities. We welcome all suggestions and constructive feedback - positive or negative.

How to give feedback

There are lots of ways to leave us feedback. Use what's best for you.

You can also let us know your thoughts on our feedback boards and at our Shape our Library feedback events.

How feedback is used

We use your feedback to improve our services.

If you'd like to know more, read our commitment to you. It's our plan of improvement and the changes we're making are as result of your feedback.

You can also keep an eye on the feedback section of the Library and Learning Resources blog. Here we'll post details of upcoming feedback events as well as changes we've made as a result of your feedback. 

What to do if things have gone wrong

We are committed to providing excellent service, and we invite feedback, to ensure the continuous improvement of our services and facilities. We want to know when we do things well and what aspects of our service our members appreciate. But we also want to know when things go wrong or when you feel that our service can be improved. We welcome the opportunity quickly put things right.

In cases where an acceptable solution cannot be found, or if you're not happy with the first response you receive, you can make a more structured complaint.


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