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We’re always happy to hear your comments about the spaces and services in the library. If you wish to give us some feedback, please leave your comments on one of our feedback boards. We always have one feedback board available in the library and sometimes more at certain times of year.

Alternatively, you can leave us feedback through the website or visit one of the Shape our Library events. 

We will respond to your comments as soon as we can on the feedback boards themselves. Take a look at the boards from previous years in the archive below.

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A small selection of your comments and our responses...

Table 1
You said...Our response
More book about Data Science, Big Data and Statistics Thanks for your request. We have let our Acquisitons Team and the appropriate Librarian know about this.
I don't have any ideas for how to do this but: make book numbers more distinct or bolder on the shelf to make them easier to find - they are all so similar Thanks for your suggestion. Some of the older numbers on the spines of the books are certainly rather faded and hard to read. We will look into if we can perhaps use a bolder typeface to make them stand out more, as part of our rolling programme to replace the older labels.
Access to more sport science journals please We have over 550 sports science and leisure e-journals.  If there is a specific new one you need, please contact your tutor who will contact the library acquisitions department to see if we can get hold of it.
There are lots of lovely children's books, perhaps some more modern authors too? Peter Bunzi, Robert beatty, MG Leonard, Kiran Hargreaves Thanks for the suggestions! We are pleased to announce a selection of these have now been ordered!
Update new books for Nursing

We've been working on replacing out of date nursing books. Let us know how we're doing.

If you find any outdated books, please let the staff at the Library Point know. We will try to get a new edition.

I love not having to renew books, I always used to forget

That's great! We hope automatic renewals are really helping.

Stop saying there is a book in library search and when I go up to find it, IT'S NEVER THERE!!!!!

We've carried out a full audit on our stock and the information in LibrarySearch is now more accurate.

There are many reasons why you might not be able to find an item.  Please ask at the library point if you can't find what you need and we'll try & help.  Or ring us from the phones on the green help pods.

More diverse resources ie. Asian Culture

We ordered 9,351 new print + online books in 2016/17. But if there are resources which you think the library should have but doesn't, please talk to your tutor who can ask us to order them if they think appropriate.

Books about France which aren't written in French… would be helpful.

Thanks, we will pass your comments on to our acquisitions team.  If there are specific titles you are after, speak to your tutor who can ask the library to order them, if appropriate.

Table 2
You said...Our response
More assistance in the library.                                                                                    You can use the phones on the lime green 'Just ask' pods and dial 2508 to call the library team during staffed hours and we'll come out to assist. You can also ask at the library point on the ground floor.
Library staff are amazing :)  Thanks Thank you! That's given us a real boost :)
I love Stressless   Thank You!
Study Spaces
You said...  Our response
It would be nice to have a shared office supplies box, with sticky pad, tape, white out, maybe pens and pencils, rubber, glue, scissors…We have it in Daphne Oram, it is very useful. And yes, stays there. Thank you. Thanks for your suggestion. Most of these items are available at the Library Point on the ground floor, during staffed hours. We also have a stationery vending machine on the ground floor. But we will pass your idea on for consideration.
Have some sections with reduced lighting, as some students with sensitivity to lighting (overstimulation or medical conditions) can find it hard. Thanks for this idea. We will put it to management.
We need a muslim prayer room please!  Good news! AHg.28a has been converted to a "Faith Space" see the Faith Spaces page for details.
Less quiet spaces and more group spaces Over the summer of 2018 we changed the first floor quiet zone into a group working space.
Free water                     There are water fountains on each floor of the library along the black walls.  There is also now a hot water urn in the café by the coffee machines which is available after hours.
Lockers for stuff Lockers are available. Visit the lockers page for more details 
Whiteboards in the group rooms Since April 2019 - whiteboards are now available in the group study rooms
Quiet Areas staying quiet!!

In the summer of 2018 we introduced a second silent study zone on the second floor of Augustine House.

We have also introduced a noisy neighbour service so you can easily report noise problems.

I agree!, I like the different zones Thank you. We hope there is a zone to suit everyone's style of study
More Computers                                                                                                                                                                  

Additional PCs have now been installed on the ground floor of Augustine House.

We've also installed a computer availability screen near the entrance – It gives you an up to date information of how many computers are available in Augustine House and roughly where these can be found i.e. floor/wing. This information is live and updated regularly.

More windows or AC would be nice If you speak to reception and tell them which areas specifically are too hot they may be able to adjust the air con accordingly.
Get a Guillotine for curriculum resources - Thanks :)      We have now provided a guillotine for you at the library point on the ground floor (during staffed hours)
More study rooms & pods needed Thanks for your comment which we have passed on to our spaces & services working group.  Have you discovered the new pods on the ground floor behind the I.T. hub? 

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