Transforming the Experience of Students through Assessment (TESTA)

 TESTA (Transforming the Experience of Students through Assessment) is an audit methodology which aims to improve the quality of student learning through addressing programme-level assessment. It is a nationally recognised tool which has been used in over 30 UK universities as well as in Australia, India, and the USA.

Christ Church currently provides support for 6 programmes a year to participate.

There are three main data collection activities within TESTA:

  • The Programme Assessment Audit which maps the student experience over a three year degree programme
  • The Assessment Experience Questionnaire, which measures variables like the clarity of goals and standards, the quality and quantity of feedback, and student approaches to learning, and their overall satisfaction
  • Focus Groups with students which provide a rich picture of student experience on the degree programme

Whilst the TESTA Lead undertakes the data gathering, analysis and report writing, there is some information to be provided by the Programme Director, access to students arranged, and the final report meeting requires as many of the team as possible to be present.

Once you have been selected to participate the TESTA Lead will be in contact to request some basic information about the programme assessment arrangements and to negotiate a timeline for participation.

Colleagues who have participated commented

“Our programme team found TESTA very useful in helping us to identify ways in which we could develop our learning, teaching and assessment strategies and provide more effective feedback on assessment to our students.”

“Thanks for the comprehensive evaluation and will obviously be useful to inform the forthcoming revalidation.”

“TESTA has been excellent to obtain an outside review of the programme's assessment process. A review which has been underpinned by the students' lived experiences. It has given us a clear way forward to improve the use of assessment to enhance the students' learning experiences.”

“TESTA has given the academic team invaluable evidence and understanding around students’ experiences of assessment both formative and summative as well as information about feedback enabling us to base future developments from an evidence base.”

“TESTA has already enabled some great debates across our team and will continue to inform our pedagogical approaches, practices and professional development.”

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