Timely Feedback

The Academic Board in December 2013 approved the Timely Feedback Policy.

The key items for you to be aware of are as follows:

At the beginning of each academic period of study (usually the beginning of the academic year), all students should receive a schedule of assessments, assessment feedback and feedback methods for the programme for that year/period of study.

In addition to any specific details about an assessment, written descriptions should include both the submission date AND the date for formal feedback to be given to students.

15 working days (working days are defined as Monday to Friday, excluding periods when the University is closed).

  • a. Dissertations, extended projects, independent studies (usually work of a word equivalence of 5,000 words or more).
  • b. Formal examinations supported by Planning & Academic Administration
  • c. Work submitted for Research Degrees and taught Doctorates.
  • d. Temporary Learning Agreements where students have an approved learning agreement in place.
  • e. Work submitted after the deadline.

For a., b., c., d and e. the deadline dates will be set at the discretion of the programme team, but must be as soon as possible and timely to inform students’ development and must be clearly communicated to students as per the procedures for formal feedback outlined in this section.

Where the return of feedback to students will be delayed (e.g., a one-off instance because of staff illness), students should be formally notified of the delay before the original feedback deadline. They should be given a revised date for feedback. Every effort should be made to ensure feedback is given to students in good time for them to utilise feedback in preparing their next programme submission.

Where there are substantive logistical reasons for a revised assessment deadline on an ongoing basis beyond the normal maximum times, application for a revised deadline should be made to the relevant Faculty Quality Committee via the 15 Day Deadline Variation Request Form as per the guidelines. You will need to get the variation from your FDQ and discuss the process with them before submitting.

If you have any questions about how to implement the above, or would like support in reviewing your assessment and your documentation to enable effective delivery of the Timely Feedback Policy, please contact your Faculty Director of Learning and Teaching.


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