Staff can find updated guidance from Learning & Teaching Enhancement to help them to plan and facilitate blended learning effectively. The guidance is divided into the following sections:

  1. Key Blended Learning Principles at CCCU - a 17-page document providing you with the updated seven principles for 2021-22 as well as links to all key support documents and contacts.  
  2. A quick-reference 2-page blended learning checklist to support your module planning.
  3. A 5-page overview of the Learning Platform Suite at CCCU with direct links to further support for each technology.
  4. 3-page prompt sheet to help you to prepare to engage your students effectively in their first synchronous session.
  5. Further guidance and considerations regarding blended learning design and delivery are discussed in this video series from the Digital Academic Developers.


Provide the number of student contact hours (see definition of Contact Hours in the main Blended Learning Principles document) approved for your module/course, blended between on-site and digital experiences
High quality learning should be facilitated through application of a blended learning model appropriate to your discipline.

Synchronous timetabled learning should be focused on interactive activities for students. Lecture presentations should be kept to asynchronous online delivery (i.e.,an auto-captioned recording) wherever possible, and made available a few days in advance of any synchronous session which builds on that content.

Students studying through different modes should have an equitable learning experience with inclusive peer-to-peer learning opportunities to support cohort identity and student wellbeing.

Course teams should continue to encourage, sustain and monitor student engagement.

Early introduction and continued scaffolding of digital capabilities within each coursearecrucial to allow students to engage effectively with their learning and to provide a good student experience.

The model used must be scalable to adapt to any changes in the current situation.



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