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Published June 2018

Mastering Primary Design and Technology

Gill Hope

Mastering Primary Design and Technology introduces the primary design and technology curriculum and helps trainees and teachers learn how to plan and teach inspiring lessons that make design and technology learning irresistible.

Topics covered include: current developments in design and technology; design and technology as an irresistible activity; design and technology as a practical activity; skills to develop in design and technology; promoting curiosity; assessing children in design and technology; and practical issues.

This guide includes examples of children's work, case studies, readings to reflect upon and reflective questions that all help to exemplify what is considered to be best and most innovative practice. The book draws on the experience of a leading professional in primary design and technology to provide the essential guide to teaching design and technology for all trainee and qualified primary teachers.

RRP: £19.99

University Bookshop: £17.99

Gill Hope is an academic sessional lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University.


Key Challenges in Criminal Investigation

Martin O'Neill

Written by an author with extensive practical and training experience, this book provides a comprehensive overview and critical analysis of the development and practice of criminal investigation. It examines decision-making within criminal investigations, from volume crime through to major and serious crime investigations, and links investigative influences on policing with the evidence-based agenda.

Part of Key Themes in Policing, a textbook series of evidence-based policing books for use within higher education curriculums and in practice, this book is suitable for policing and criminal justice programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level. 

RRP: £19.99

University Bookshop: £15.99

Dr Martin O'Neill is Senior Lecturer in the School of Law, Criminal Justice and Computing at Canterbury Christ Church University.


Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology for Healthcare Students

David Sturgeon

This book provides a highly accessible introduction to anatomy and physiology. Written for students studying the subject for the first time, it covers the human body from the atomic and cellular levels through to all the major systems and includes chapters on blood, immunity and homeostasis.

Logically presented, the chapters build on each other and are designed to develop the reader's knowledge and understanding of the human body. By the end of each chapter, the reader will understand and be able to explain how the structures and systems described are organised and contribute to the maintenance of health. Describing how illness and disease undermine the body's ability to maintain homeostasis, this text helps readers to predict and account for the consequences when this occurs.

Complete with self-test questions, full colour illustrations and a comprehensive glossary, this book is an essential read for all nursing and healthcare students in both further and higher education.

RRP: £29.99

University Bookshop: £26

Dr David Sturgeon is Senior Lecturer in the School of Nursing at Canterbury Christ Church University.


Maurice Thorez: A Biography

John Bulaitis

Maurice Thorez (1900-1964) was a major figure in the history of 20th-century France and European Communism. He spent more than three decades as Secretary-General of the French Communist Party, the PCF (Parti communiste francais), which became France's largest political party and one of the most important communist parties in the Western world.

This book, based on a wealth of original source material, is the only biography of Thorez available in English and provides a unique insight into this extraordinary man, at once firebrand and party apparatchik. The author dissects the personality of Thorez and shows how his political life intersected with many key events in French and European history, and demonstrates how his politics were conditioned by a tension between his identity with French nationalism, his commitment to the working-class movement and his devotion to the Soviet Union. Thorez was a frequent visitor to Moscow and remained a loyal and trusted servant of Stalin throughout his life. He explains how Thorez came to be involved in the Communist party and documents his rapid rise to the leadership – a rise that took place in parallel with Stalin's consolidation of power in the Soviet Union.

The author highlights the development of Thorez's 'Popular Front' strategy to confront fascism and his reaction to the controversial Stalin-Hitler pact in 1939. Finally, he considers Thorez's life and work as someone who aspired to the role of statesman, his leadership skills and the development of a 'personality cult' which contributed to the shaping of his legacy. Part of the acclaimed Communist Lives series, this book will be invaluable reading for historians of communism and anyone interested in modern French and European history.

RRP: £75 

University Bookshop: £67.50

Dr John Bulaitis is Senior Lecturer in the School of Humanities at Canterbury Christ Church University.


Lessons in Spiritual Development: Learning from Leading Christian-ethos Secondary Schools

Ann Casson, Trevor Cooling and Leslie J Francis

Positive spiritual development is an obligation on all schools. This new source book for education professionals documents how ten leading Christian-ethos secondary schools have prioritised the spiritual development of their students.

Each chapter tells the story of how one of the schools approaches this responsibility, showing the variety of innovation and creativity taking place within spiritual education. It offers wisdom from practitioners on the opportunities and challenges that exist, as well as inspiration to other schools wishing to improve their provision for spiritual development.

RRP: £25

University Bookshop: £22.50

Dr Ann Casson is Senior Research Fellow in the National Institute of Christian Education Research at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Professor Trevor Cooling is Professor in the School of Teacher Education and Development at Canterbury Christ Church University.


How to Teach Primary Music

David Wheway, Hilary Miles and Jonathan Barnes

How to Teach Primary Music presents 100 creative ideas to support anyone teaching music in primary schools. The ideas are inclusive, easy to implement and tackle everything from singing, creating tunes and using music technology through to classroom management, working with music hubs and putting on a performance.

Music doesn't have to be scary, and there are lots of ways to use music throughout the whole school, in and outside of the curriculum, and at different times of the year. This practical collection of 100 dip-in ideas and activities goes across the spectrum, with ideas that teachers can take on board easily. Whatever your prior musical experience, you'll find fresh and inspiring ways to invigorate music in your school.

RRP: £12.99

University Bookshop: £11.69

David Wheway is Senior Lecturer in the School of Teacher Education and Development at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Dr Jonathan Barnes is an academic sessional lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University.


British Children's Literature and the First World War: Representations Since 1914

David Budgen

Perceptions of the Great War have changed significantly since its outbreak and children's authors have continually attempted to engage with those changes, explaining and interpreting the events of 1914-18 for young readers. British Children's Literature and the First World War examines the role novels, textbooks and story papers have played in shaping and reflecting understandings of the conflict throughout the 20th century.

David Budgen focuses on representations of the conflict since its onset in 1914, ending with the centenary commemorations of 2014. From the works of Percy F Westerman and Angela Brazil, to more recent tales by Michael Morpurgo and Pat Mills, Budgen traces developments of understanding and raises important questions about the presentation of history to the young. He considers such issues as the motivations of children's authors, and whether modern children's books about the past are necessarily more accurate than those written by their forebears. Why, for example, do modern writers tend to ignore the global aspects of the First World War? Did detailed narratives of battles written during the war really convey the truth of the conflict? Most importantly, he considers whether works aimed at children can ever achieve anything more than a partial and skewed response to such complex and tumultuous events.

RRP: £85

University Bookshop: £40.50

Dr David Budgen is an academic sessional lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University.


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