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Published May 2017


Stasis in the Medieval West? Questioning Change and Continuity

Edited by Michael D J Bintley, Martin Locker, Victoria Symons and Mary Wellesley

This volume questions the extent  to which medieval studies has emphasised the period as one of change and development through a re-examination of aspects of the medieval world that remained static.

The medieval period is popularly thought of as a dark age, before the flowerings of the Renaissance ushered a return to the wisdom of the classical era. However, the reality familiar to scholars and students of the Middle Ages – that this was a time of immense transition and transformation – is well known.

This book approaches the theme of ‘stasis’ in broad terms, with chapters covering the full temporal range from Late Antiquity to the Later Middle Ages. Contributors to this collection seek to establish what remained static, continuous or ongoing in the medieval era and how the period’s political and cultural upheavals generated stasis in the form of deadlock, nostalgia and the preservation of ancient traditions.

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Dr Michael D J Bintley is Senior Lecturer in Medieval Literature in the School of Humanities at Canterbury Christ Church University.


White Highlands

John McGhie

Kenya, 1952, a colony on the edge. Settlers drink sundowners on the veranda but the servants can’t be trusted. Beyond manicured lawns, in the dark of the forest, freedom is stirring.

Johnny Seymour has seen too much war and seeks solace photographing East African wildlife. But when isolated white families are slaughtered by Mau Mau gangs, the British respond brutally and Johnny is reluctantly pulled into the horror. After his African driver Macharia disappears, Johnny is forced to confront shocking truths about his own country and ask how far he’ll go to help a friend.

Nearly sixty years later, disgraced young barrister Sam Seymour knows nothing about her grandfather. Even his name is taboo. All she understands is that Johnny did something so awful that his only son – her father – had to be rescued from Kenya.

Now as veteran Mau Mau fighters demand reparations for past sins, she’s been offered a chance to unpeel history and discover why. In a narrative spanning the generations, White Highlands follows Sam and Johnny as they confront the might of the British state. One man stands in both their way – Grogan Littleboy, a ruthless colonial survivor who’ll do anything to defeat Mau Mau, past and present.

A startlingly original novel set in both the present day and Kenya in the 1950s during the Mau Mau uprising – one of the least known and darkest episodes in British colonial history.

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John McGhie is Senior Lecturer in Journalism in the School of Media, Art and Design at Canterbury Christ Church University.


Compassion and Education: Cultivating Compassionate Children, Schools and Communities

Andrew Peterson

Compassion and Education makes a defence for compassion as an essential and significant quality that should be at the heart of the education of young people.

It provides a careful exploration of what compassion means; how it is relevant to the various relationships among students, teachers and the wider community; and the particular pedagogical processes that can and might develop compassion.

Understanding and justifying compassion as a virtue, this book argues that compassion is a virtue central to all human relationships, from the familial, to the communal and to the global.

It will be of interest to academics, researchers and students of education.

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Andrew Peterson is Professor of Civic and Moral Education in the School of Childhood and Education Sciences at Canterbury Christ Church University.


Foreign Policies of EU Member States: Continuity and Europeanisation

Edited by Amelia Hadfield, Ian Manners and Richard G Whitman

Foreign Policies of EU Member States provides a clear and current overview of the motivations and outcomes of EU Member States regarding their foreign policymaking within and beyond the EU.

It provides an in-depth analysis of intra-EU policymaking and sheds light, in an innovative and understandable way, on the lesser-known aspects of the inter-EU and extra-EU foreign policies of the 28 Member States.

The text is organised thematically in which case study state profiles emerge via dominant policy themes.

The three main policy challenges faced by the 28 Member States are examined: first, EU Member States must cooperate within the mechanics of the EU, including the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP); second, EU Member states continue to construct their own inter-EU foreign policies; third, the sovereign prerogative exercised by all EU Member States is to construct their own foreign policies on everything from trade and defence with the rest of the world

The combination of clarity, thematic structure and empirical case studies make this an ideal textbook for all upper-level students of European foreign policy, comparative European politics and European studies.

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Professor Amelia Hadfield is Director of the Centre for European Studies at Canterbury Christ Church University.


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