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Applied Mathematics

Dan Simpson

Unlike many debut poets, Dan has given this collection a thorough stress test on the live circuit and many of these poems have been commissioned for public projects. Dan is a poet who likes to play around with form. He likes to deconstruct and get a bit meta with the mental algorithms that sit beneath a poem. The result is an accessible and enjoyable collection of poems for geeks, nerds and anyone who likes playing with words.



RRP: £8.99

University Bookshop: £8.09

Dan Simpson is an academic sessional lecturer in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Canterbury Christ Church University.




Red Atlas: How the Soviet Union Secretly Mapped the World

John Davies and Alexander J Kent

Nearly thirty years after the end of the Cold War, its legacy and the accompanying Russian-American tension continues to loom large. Russia's access to detailed information on the United States and its allies may not seem so shocking in this day of data clouds and leaks, but long before we had satellite imagery of any neighborhood at a finger's reach, the amount the Soviet government knew about your family's city, street and even your home would astonish you.

Revealing how this was possible, The Red Atlas is the never-before-told story of the most comprehensive mapping endeavor in history and the surprising maps that resulted. From 1950 to 1990, the Soviet Army conducted a global topographic mapping program, creating large-scale maps for much of the world that included a diversity of detail that would have supported a full range of military planning. For big cities like New York, DC and London to towns like Pontiac, MI and Galveston, TX, the Soviets gathered enough information to create street-level maps.

What they chose to include on these maps can seem obvious like locations of factories and ports, or more surprising, building heights, road widths, and bridge capacities. Some of the detail suggests early satellite technology, while other specifics, like detailed depictions of depths and channels around rivers and harbours, could only have been gained by actual Soviet feet on the ground. The Red Atlas includes over 350 extracts from these incredible Cold War maps, exploring their provenance and cartographic techniques as well as what they can tell us about their makers and the Soviet initiatives that were going on all around us. A fantastic historical document of an era that sometimes seems less distant, The Red Atlas offers an uncanny view of the world through the eyes of Soviet strategists and spies.

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Dr Alexander Kent is Reader in Cartography and Geographic Information Science in the School of Human and Life Sciences at Canterbury Christ Church University.




Representing Communities: Discourse and Contexts

Edited by Ruth Sanz Sabido

This edited collection offers the latest research into the reproduction of ‘hegemonic’ discourse and the ways in which the description and evaluation of social groups affects their ability to exercise cultural and political autonomy. The book examines the representations of a number of communities and social groups, both within their ‘micro-contexts’, and with reference to the economic, political, social, cultural and technological ‘macro-contexts’ in which they are embedded. The analysis highlights the connections between discourse, power, dominance and social inequality, focusing on patriarchal, capitalist and postcolonial representations and power imbalances. Based on a combination of theoretical and empirical analyses, the collection offers an array of macro-social critiques based on the analysis and critical understanding of contemporary contexts and representations, and how they contribute to political, social, economic and cultural practices.

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Dr Ruth Sanz Sabido is Senior Lecturer in the School of Media, Art and Design at Canterbury Christ Church University.




Reinventing Couples: Tradition, Agency and Bricolage

Julia Carter and Simon Duncan

This book presents a new approach to understanding contemporary personal life, taking account of how people build their lives through a bricolage of ‘tradition’ and ‘modern’. The authors examine how tradition is used and adapted, invented and reinvented; how meaning can leak from past to present; the ways in which people’s agencies differ as they make decisions; and the process of bricolage in making new arrangements. These themes are illustrated through a variety of case studies, ranging from personal life in the 1950s, young women and marriage, the rise of cohabitation, female name change, living apart together, and creating weddings. Centrally the authors emphasise the re-traditionalisation involved in de-traditionalisation and the connectedness involved in individualised processes of relationship change. Reinventing Couples will be of interest to students and scholars across a range of disciplines, including sociology, social work and social policy.

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Dr Julia Carter is Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology, Politics and Sociology at Canterbury Christ Church University.




Re-enchanting the Academy

Edited by Angela Voss and Simon Wilson

Sixteen authors encourage the modern academy to remember that portals of enchantment can be found in its hallowed halls, and indeed must be found, if education is to nourish and inspire both heart and mind, if it is to lead future generations of students out of the cave of policy-led bureaucratisation and financially led consumerism into the creative freedom of their own souls.

Our schools and academies must embrace the full spectrum of human ways of knowing, in order to bring new, integrated perspectives to our conflicted world.

RRP: £25.00

University Bookshop: £25.00

Dr Angela Voss and Dr Simon Wilson are both Senior Lecturers in the School of Childhood and Education Sciences at Canterbury Christ Church University.



Routledge Handbook of Mapping and Cartography

The Routledge Handbook of Mapping and Cartography

Edited by Alexander J Kent and Peter Vujakovic

This new handbook unites cartographic theory and praxis with the principles of cartographic design and their application. It offers a critical appraisal of the current state of the art, science and technology of map-making in a convenient and well-illustrated guide that will appeal to an international and multidisciplinary audience. No single-volume work in the field is comparable in terms of its accessibility, currency and scope.

The Routledge Handbook of Mapping and Cartography draws on the wealth of new scholarship and practice in this emerging field, from the latest conceptual developments in mapping and advances in map-making technology to reflections on the role of maps in society. It brings together 43 engaging chapters on a diverse range of topics, including the history of cartography, map use and user issues, cartographic design, remote sensing, volunteered geographic information (VGI) and map art.

The title’s expert contributions are drawn from an international base of influential academics and leading practitioners, with a view to informing theoretical development and best practice. This new volume will provide the reader with an exceptionally wide-ranging introduction to mapping and cartography and aims to inspire further engagement within this dynamic and exciting field.

The Routledge Handbook of Mapping and Cartography offers a unique reference point that will be of great interest and practical use to all map-makers and students of geographic information science, geography, cultural studies and a range of related disciplines.

RRP: £195.00

University Bookshop: £175.00

Dr Alexander Kent is Reader in Cartography and Geographic Information Science in the School of Human and Life Sciences at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Peter Vujakovic is Professor of Geography in the School of Human and Life Sciences at Canterbury Christ Church University.




Youth Marginality in Britain: Contemporary Studies in Austerity

Shane Blackman and Ruth Rogers

Youth Marginality in Britain offers a new perspective on social justice for young people. It explores different forms of social marginalisation within media, culture and society, focusing on how young people experience social discrimination at a personal and collective level. Showcasing contemporary research on multiple youth deprivation of personal isolation, social hardship, gender and ethnic discrimination and social stigma, it considers the intersection of race, gender, class, asylum seeker status and care leavers in Britain to highlight both change and continuity within young people's social and cultural identities. With a foreword from Robert MacDonald, this timely contribution to debates concerning youth austerity in Britain is suitable for students across youth studies, sociology, education, criminology, youth work and social policy.

RRP: £26.99

University Bookshop: £24.29

Shane Blackman is Professor of Cultural Studies in the School of Media, Art and Design at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Dr Ruth Rogers is Reader in Social Justice in the Research Centre for Children, Families and Communities at Canterbury Christ Church University.




Authentic and Inauthentic Places in Tourism: From Heritage Sites to Theme Parks

Jane Lovell and Chris Bull

With the rise of post-truth and fake news, a thorough examination of authenticity has never been so relevant. This book explores the geography of authenticity, investigating a wide variety of places used by tourists. Not only does it explore what might be described as the more traditional objects for examination; places such as the city, the countryside and the coast, but it also includes chapters on art and place, hipster places, gentrification, heritage sites, film locations, photographed places and eventful places. Using a wide-angled lens to places reveals linkages and possibilities, enabling the book to skate across the surface of the geography of authenticity, locating the magically real heritage site, the poignant replica, the authenticated theme park, the unmasked carnival. In focusing on authentic and inauthentic places, this text provides a useful contribution to the understanding of how places are changing, how they are perceived and how authenticity is embodied and performed within them. Authentic and Inauthentic Places in Tourism is an insightful study and an essential read for those involved in the study of geography, tourism, urban studies, culture and heritage.

RRP: £105.00

University Bookshop: £79.99

Dr Jane Lovell and Dr Chris Bull are both Senior Lecturers in the School of Human and Life Sciences at Canterbury Christ Church University.




Mastering Primary Physical Education

Kristy Howells with Alison Carney, Neil Castle and Rich Little

Mastering Primary Physical Education introduces the primary physical education curriculum and helps trainees and teachers learn how to plan and teach inspiring lessons that make physical education irresistible.

Topics covered include: current developments in physical education; physical education as an irresistible activity; physical education as a practical activity; skills to develop in physical education; promoting curiosity; assessing children in physical education; and practical issues.

This guide includes examples of children's work, case studies and readings to reflect upon, and reflective questions that all help to exemplify what is considered to be best and most innovative practice.

The book draws on the experience of four leading professionals in primary physical education to provide the essential guide to teaching physical education for all trainee primary teachers.

RRP: £19.99

University Bookshop: £14.99

Dr Kristy Howells is Faculty Director of Physical Education in the School of Childhood and Education Sciences at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Alison Carney, Neil Castle and Rich Little are all Senior Lecturers in the School of Childhood and Education Sciences at Canterbury Christ Church University.


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