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Published February 2017


Expansive Learning in Professional Contexts: A Materialist Perspective

Christian Beighton

This book discusses approaches to organisational learning from a materialist point of view. Inspired by research into police firearms training, features of expansive learning inform the development of perspectives on training which challenge traditional modes of research and delivery.

The book critically reviews a range of approaches to expansive learning and organisational research, establishing the bases and limitations of an Expansive Learning Index, the aim of which is to support collaborative provision in the context of work-based research.

Reflecting on this process, the book stresses the strangeness and mobility of workplace learning and develops a philosophical pragmatics for professional development. Approaches to knowledge and enquiry which place language and subjectivity at the heart of development are challenged by a more pragmatic approach to expansive learning: its consequences for training, research, and professional development lead to a discussion of the need for immanent forms of professional ethics.

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Dr Christian Beighton is Senior Lecturer in the School of Teacher Education and Development at Canterbury Christ Church University.


An Introduction to Helping Skills: Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring

Jane Westergaard

Drawing on her extensive knowledge and experience as a helper and educator, Jane Westergaard provides a full introduction to the theory and skills needed to work across the range of helping professions.

Readers are introduced to the three core approaches of counselling, coaching and mentoring, and shown how they work across a variety of settings, including therapy, teaching, social work and nursing.

Part 1 takes readers through the theory, approaches and skills needed for helping work, and includes chapters on: the differences and similarities of counselling, coaching and mentoring; foundational and advanced skills for effective helping; supervision and reflective practice; and ethical helping and working with diversity.

Part 2 shows how helping skills look in practice, in a variety of different helping professions. Ten specially written case studies show you the intricacies of different settings and client groups, including work in schools, hospitals, telephone helplines and probation programs.

Whether a trainee in counselling, coaching or mentoring, or a professional working with helping relationships, this book will assist in the development of the skills and knowledge to work effectively across the helping professions.

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Jane Westergaard is an academic sessional lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Canterbury Christ Church University.


Bloomsbury Curriculum Basics: Teaching Primary Geography

Stephen Scoffham and Paula Owens

This full and easy-to-follow guide to teaching primary geography is structured around the requirements of the latest version of the UK national curriculum for KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2.

Designed to meet the needs of teachers who may not be specialists but who have to teach or coordinate this subject in their schools, it provides a succinct and accessible overview to over 30 geographical topics.

The book includes lesson plans for practitioners to implement, either in their own classroom or across the whole school in the role of subject coordinator, together with features such as key vocabulary, useful links and cross-curricular activities.

Teaching Primary Geography is guaranteed to get pupils involved and actively learning.

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Dr Stephen Scoffham is Visiting Reader in Sustainability and Education at Canterbury Christ Church University.


Superheroes and American Self Image: From War to Watergate

Michael Goodrum

This book offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of comic-books, mobilising them as a means to understand better the political context in which they are produced.

Structured around key political events in the US between 1938 and 1975, the author combines analyses of visual and textual discourse, including comic-book letters pages, to come to a more complete picture of the relationship between comic-books as documents and the people who read and created them.

Exploring the ways in which ideas about the US and its place in the world were represented in major superhero comic books during the tumultuous period of US history from the Great Depression to the political trauma of Watergate and the end of the Vietnam War, this book sheds fresh light on the manner in which comic books shaped, and are shaped by, contemporary politics. As such, it will appeal to scholars of cultural and media studies, history and popular culture.

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Dr Michael Goodrum is Senior Lecturer in the School of Humanities at Canterbury Christ Church University.


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