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Arts and Health Journal

The Centre director worked with Prof. Paul Camic and Prof. Norma Daykin to establish Arts & Health: An international journal for research, policy and Practice in 2009.

This Arts & Health journal provides a pioneering international forum for the publication of research, policy and best practice within the interdisciplinary field of arts and health.

This fast-emerging field has developed in response to international interest regarding the multifarious ways in which the arts contribute to health, wellbeing, social inclusion and healthcare practice across a range of settings. The field has become an inter- and multi-disciplinary arena for those concerned with research, policy and practice initiatives, including artists, health care professionals, community workers, and researchers in the public, private and voluntary sectors. Arts & Health takes a broad-based approach in examining uses of the arts in public health, health promotion and health care. The journal publishes empirical research, policy analysis, theoretical discourse, systematic reviews and examples of best practice in the following areas:

  • Social and medical science research relevant to arts and health
  • Public policy on the role of arts in health
  • Community and public health practice through the arts
  • Health promotion and illness prevention through arts-based interventions
  • Health education supported by the arts
  • Aesthetics and design of healthcare settings and environments
  • The arts in clinical practice (including both physical and mental health)
  • Arts-based research methodologies

“Over the past couple of years, this Journal has become a central resource for people working in this field in the UK and abroad. Over the past thirty years, a vibrant and diverse field of practice in arts and health has developed in Britain and the Journal has become a focus for the research which has accompanied this practice. The Journal’s academic credentials and focus on this work is an extremely valuable resource for practitioners; raising standards and increasing understanding of the role the arts can play in health.”

 - Damian Hebron, Director of London Arts in Health Forum, UK

For further information on the journal, to purchase or to contribute an article please see the  publisher’s website.

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