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Lian Wilson

Research Assistant

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Lian Wilson is a Research Assistant at the Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health. She has a special interest in dance and movement, currently working on a number of dance & health related projects for the Centre. She had a key role in assisting Professors Stephen Clift and Paul Camic in their role as editors of the forthcoming Oxford Textbook of Creative Arts, Health and Wellbeing.

Lian is also the Creative Director of Tamalpa UK, offering training programmes and public workshops in the Tamalpa Life Art Process® an internationally-recognized expressive arts approach, which combines movement, visual art, and creative writing to access the innate wisdom of the body. She is a Tamalpa Practitioner, Dancer and certified Movement Therapist RSMT and Movement Educator RSME with ISMETA (International Somatic Movement Education Therapy Association).

Her particular interest is in exploring the diverse benefits of movement & dance for physical, emotional and mental benefits to health and wellbeing across the lifespan.  

She has presented at the following conferences: 

  • The Royal Society for Public Health's Art and Wellbeing Conference, London, UK 

  • The International Culture, Health and Wellbeing Conference, Bristol, UK 

  • Somatic Movement Gathering, London, UK 

  • RESEO conference SoulFood: Physical, mental and social effects of opera and dance, Helsinki, Finland 

  • The Body Mind Centering Association European Conference, Ghent, Belgium 

Current and recent projects

  • Repository for Arts & Health Resources: supporting the development and user experience of an online repository of arts and health grey literature, charting the development of the Arts and Health field in the UK 
  • Dance to Health: evaluating health, social and artistic (creative) outcomes of a dance programme for the prevention of falls, commissioned by Aesop - The programme integrated two evidence-based exercise programmes, Falls Management Exercise (FaME) and Otago, with creative dance 
  • Remember to Dance : evaluating the impact of creative dance activities for people in different stages of dementia
  • A study on behalf of Green Candle Dance Company in association with East London NHS Foundation Trust and Alzheimer’s Society, Tower Hamlets, Newham and Hackney
  • ‘More Please’ A Prosper Project Moving on Memory company / StevensonThompson, Evaulating how using digital technologies can create a new dance aesthetic, along with exploring connections between movement and well-being in older people. Prosper is a Canterbury Festival Initiative designed and produced by The Map Consortium and Workers of Art.
  • Oxford University Textbook of Creative Arts, Health and Wellbeing : International Perspectives on Practice, Policy and Research
  • EDNA: evaluation of a dance and creative arts project with older people in Medway

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