Supporting Medical Leadership

The England Centre for Practice Development works across the whole health and social care system to support best practice in integrated clinical systems leadership. In our work with medical colleagues we support the following initiatives:

Research and Knowledge Translation for Improvement

  • Whole system research to improve the quality of integrated services in the region across the health economy e.g. urgent and emergency care, dementia care services (CASCADE), patient safety (SCQIRE), NIHR PIE project, polypharmacy and impact on quality of life and hospital admissions in in residential homes.
  • Facilitating medical staff in the use of observations of practice for developing team culture and the use of emotional touch points to focus on what matters to patients staff families and students.
  • Providing research support and supervision to medical staff taking forward mindfulness.
  • Facilitating interdisciplinary teams including acute consultants and General Practitioners and other team member across the health economy in developing single competence frameworks and agreeing referral criteria between Tiers of Care for new models of integrated working.

Clinical Leadership

  • Clinical leadership programmes and masterclasses for Clinical leads, consultants and general practitioners in Kent and Medway.
  • Supporting medical colleagues as critical companions and providing opportunities for co-facilitation of clinical leadership.
  • Facilitating medical colleagues in publications associated with their leadership role*.
  • Development of individual and collective impact frameworks with participants in leadership programmes.
  • Helping medically led interdisciplinary teams focus on team effectiveness and ways of working.
  • Joint mentorship of Darzi fellows through their HEEKSS sponsored programmes during placements in our local hospitals.

Doctural Supervision

  • Doctoral supervision of medical staff in cultural change, safety culture, knowledge translation, facilitation and leadership.

Enhancing Patient Safety

  • Interdisciplinary research involving organisational patient safety medical leads around how to embed safety cultures in frontline teams.
  • Support of interdisciplinary teams that are either led or comprise medical staff in collating evidence for Achieving and Celebrating Excellence (The ACE initiative at East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust).
  • Education to new medical staff around developing effective workplace cultures – Kent Clinicians programme.
  • Supporting leaders of the Kent and Medway CEPN to take forward innovations in education.

Supporting and Mentorship

  • Supervision and mentorship of General Practitioners in practice development approaches and facilitation.
  • Support of medical staff with revalidation and being an effective appraiser.

Sample of Publications

Akhtar, M; Casha, JN; Ronder, J;Sakel, M; Wight C; Manley, K, (2016)  Leading the health service into the  future: transforming the NHS through transforming ourselves International Journal of Practice Development Volume 6, Issue 2, Article 5

Manley K; Jackson C; Mckenzie C; Martin A; Wright T(2017) Safety Culture, Quality Improvement, Realist  Evaluation (SCQIRE) Evaluating the impact of the Patient Safety Collaborative initiative developed by Kent Surrey and Sussex Academic Health Science Network (KSSAHSN) on safety culture, leadership, and quality improvement capability. ISBN 978-1-909067-79-0.

Manley, K, Jackson C, Martin A, Apps J, Setchfield I, Oliver G (2014) Transforming Urgent and Emergency  Care Together ECPD Final Report Phase 1 ISBN 978-1-909067-36-3

Manley K; Martin A; Jackson C; Wright T (2015) The whole systems approach to integrating urgent and emergency care Health Services Journal Online 11 December, 2015 


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