Our Workforce Development

Facilitating Effectiveness in the Workplace: Flourishing People, Workplaces and Care

Our Workforce Development Initiatives

Our initiatives seek to enable the development of a workforce that has the resilience, knowledge, skills and competence to embrace research and innovation to drive transformation of integrated health and social care services for the future to meet changing population and public need. Working closely with health commissioners, boards and health leaders and involving multiple stakeholders as the drivers for change we:

  1. Design systematic whole systems evaluation strategies to measure impact
  2. Develop whole systems gap analysis tools and options appraisals for workforce innovation
  3. Work with international health workforce modelling experts and practitioners as co -researchers in the modelling process
  4. Use a range of dashboard metrics and tools to demonstrate the impact of workforce innovation on patient and organisational outcomes
  5. Create impact tools that demonstrate the link between continuing professional development, workforce transformation and patient outcomes

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