Carrie Jackson

Carrie Jackson

Director of the England Centre for Practice Development

Carrie Jackson
Director of the England Centre for Practice Development
Tel: 01227 922649
Twitter: @ECPDCarolyn, @EC4PD

Carrie took up the invitation to lead the England Centre for Practice Development (ECPD), a national centre for research, innovation and practice development in September 2013 . She had previously held the role of Head of Department for Nursing and Applied Clinical Studies in the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing for 7 years which enabled her to draw upon her international academic and practice expertise to transform nursing education for the Kent workforce. Recently the Centre supported the launch of a new Faculty Research and Innovation Hub offering new collaborative opportunities to grow the research community at the University as well as an International Community of Practice for End of Life Care research. Search the hashtag #EOLC4ALL for more information.

"I am enjoying working at scale with patients, practitioners, community organisations, policy makers, researchers, innovators and social evolutionists to co-create meaningful solutions that make a difference to people's lives. Our international fellowship scheme offers activists with expertise in facilitating complex change to build social platforms that celebrate and share best practice and connect us to inspiring movements such as Global Villages, World Health Innovation Summit, NHS Caremakers, WeCommunities, The Academy of Fabulous Stuff and the School for Healthcare Radicals."

She is passionately committed to strong partnership working to co-produce knowledge for practice that is sustainable and inclusive and has over 30 years experience of interprofessional collaboration on initiatives directly impacting on the design, delivery and experiences of health care and in co-designing innovative curriculum to shape future workforce careers. Examples of her key achievements include co-creating and implementing  Nursing Development Units, developing regulated credentialling frameworks for advanced practice, co-designing bespoke organisational leadership programmes, and developing new services and models for primary, secondary and tertiary practice.   

Her teaching interests are in systems leadership, workforce modelling, advanced practice, innovation and entrepreneurship, health care policy, quality improvement, creativity, arts and health and practice development. She has a particular interest in developing effective workplace cultures that enable everyone to flourish within a learning organisation.

Her PhD supervision interests are in leadership, organisational change, workforce design, advanced practice, innovation and entrepreneurship, culture change, impact evaluation, social evolution, and social learning.

Carrie is a member of the International Practice Development Collaborative (IPDC), the Editorial Board of the International Practice Development Journal, and holds a number of visiting appointments and fellowships with  NHS Trusts.  She sits on a number of national advisory boards for other research centres and institutes and policy think tanks.


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