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The England Centre for Practice Development (ECPD) is a vibrant community of transformational researchers, practice developers and workplace facilitators.

We are committed to co-producing integrated whole systems approaches to deliver cutting edge person centered safe and effective care to achieve health and wellbeing.

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About the Centre

We are committed to creating cultures which enable innovation in health and social care practice at the point of care to ensure that they are person centered, safe and effective.

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What is Practice Development?

Practice developers are the architects and designers of effective workplace cultures that get the best out of people by focusing on human values and the development of enriching person centered relationships. Innovation is at its most powerful when co-created from the grass roots up through shared values, shared purpose, ideas and knowledge. 

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Our Research Programmes

With the expertise and experience of members and networks linked to the England Centre for Practice Development, there are great opportunities to start practice development postgraduate studies with us.

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Our Workplace Learning Programmes

Through strong collaborative partnerships and collaborative working the Centre is committed to developing cutting edge workplace learning programmes

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Our Workforce Development Initiatives

Our initiatives seek to enable the development of a workforce that has the resilience, knowledge, skills and competence to embrace research and innovation

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