Creativity in Healthcare

Creativity and innovation go hand in hand and are vital skills for creating the health care workforce we need for the future to support increasingly complex and diverse health needs.

"The critical and creative functions of the mind are so interwoven that neither can be separated from the other without an essential loss to both."

— Anonymous

We are committed to co-creating the conditions for effective practice by blending creativity and critical thinking together. Our values focus on social justice, and the principles of collaboration, inclusion and participation in our work. 

We achieve this in a number of ways, examples include:

An opportunity for leaders to collaborate in a network of like-minded practitioners committed to advancing practice globally.  We work with a wide range of creative artists, film makers, writers, story tellers, poets and performance artists. 

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Global Social Media initiatives supporting research collaboration, adoption and spread of practice led (patient, family, community and practitioner) research:

Transformational Practice Development organisations committed to implementing critical creativity in practice development research and theoretical development:

The Centre supports the University’s Community Arts and Education programme which provides a wide range of creative learning opportunities for the public to engage with creative practices.

Find out more about Community Arts and Education

We undertake a wide range of collaborative research with health professionals and members of the public that help to promote awareness of important issues affecting community health and well being.  Examples of our current work include:

  • Singing for Staff Wellbeing: implementation, evaluation and impact across three acute sites in East Kent Hospitals NHS University Foundation Trust
  • The impact of a Community Art Studio Group initiative at the Beaney Learning Lab to enhance the mental health and wellbeing of residents in Canterbury

We are interested in collaborating with artists and creative practitioners that provide opportunity to support development of creative bodies of work that can be celebrated and make a difference to vulnerable and hard to reach groups in society. 

Our recent Leverhulme Artist in Residence Leah Thorn was nominated for an Arts Health Research Council people’s award for her creative work ‘watch” and her work with older women.

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We regularly run conferences, events, exhibitions and workshops that bring creative practitioners together with a wide range of people to work together on issues that impact on our daily lives and communities.

Some recent examples can be found here:

Crafting Creative Conversations about Death and Dying

Dying to talk? Crafting creative conversations about death and dying

Dying Matters event

Social Justice Art Exhibition 

Social Justice Art Exhibition at Canterbury Christ Church Chapel



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