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The Centre for Work-Based Development and Continuing Development works with a number of partners to provide work-based learning initiatives across the community. Find out more about who we work with and how we work together here.

Pilgrims Hospices is a registered charity providing end of life care and support for patients and their families across east Kent. With inpatient beds across three sites, a dedicated palliative care bed is never more than 30 minutes drive away from residents in Kent. Day Services allow patients to access a broad range of services as part of a daily or sessional attendance at the hospice and outreach centres. The care Pilgrims Hospices provide also extends to emotional support and practical advice to help patients cope at the end of life.

Pilgrims Hospices has its roots in education. They support healthcare professionals to encourage best practice with a range of courses and resources. The University and Pilgrims Hospices have entered into a collaborative partnership and the Hospice now delivers two modules: Level 4 Principles and Practice in End of Life Care; Level 5 Providing Supportive End of Life Care.

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KAB provides a huge range of help and support for people of all ages whose sight loss affects their daily lives. No two people's needs are the same, so each person's rehabilitation, or skills training programme, takes into account their unique situation. The local population is 2.3 million and KAB provide services and support to over 11,500 sight impaired people, and have over 800 volunteers providing crucial support for the delivery of services.

KAB offers accredited and non-accredited courses in sensory awareness. For the last 10 years, KAB has partnered with Canterbury Christ Church University to deliver a Foundation Degree in Health & Social Care (Visual Impairment) – the standard route to becoming a qualified rehabilitation worker.

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Healthskills is an organisation that develops leaders and organisations to advance outcomes particularly in the health sector.

Healthskills believes that a performance culture requires strong leadership from the executive and senior management to clinical leaders on the front line. Underpinning their focus on leadership work is support for the transformation in culture required to be a high performing organisation. Their work connects strategy and performance through developing leaders.

At Healthskills the approach adopted to all the work with organisations, teams and to the individual leaders within those teams is based on the belief in the depth of human potential. One of their core beliefs is that this potential is seldom realised without the support of an effective team environment.

The value Healthskills brings to organisations is an approach that reflects this belief together with a thorough understanding of current NHS and social care issues from commissioning through to the commercial aspects of service provision.

The development programmes they design are focused to encourage participants to challenge the way they approach their roles, enable and encourage a positive approach from others within their teams and to develop a climate of shared accountability for the performance of their team within the context of organisational performance.

There is a strong emphasis on reflection in their work and a belief that only by reflecting on experiences and continually learning will leaders develop authentic leadership ‘mindsets’, behaviours and skills and be able to have a resilient approach to the daily challenges that they will experience.

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