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Dr Elisabetta Corvo

Lecturer in Health Promotion and Public Health

School: School of Allied and Public Health Professions

Campus: Canterbury

Tel: 01227 923413

Profile summary

I am a lecturer in Health Promotion and Public Health  within the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing at Canterbury Christ Church University. I hold a degree in Jurisprudence ( 4 years education) from the University of Milan – Bicocca. I completed my MSc Health Promotion & Public Health at CCCU and was awarded the David Stears postgraduate prize. Following this, I completed an Master (Italian) in Health Services Management. For my PhD, I explored the effectiveness and transferability, to Italy, of an English model of health promotion which was based on participation in singing groups for older adults.


I have experience of working in a non-profit organisation which focused on developing local health promotion activities for older people. Later, I worked as a research fellow for the Department of Public Health and Infectious Disease at the University of Rome where I worked on projects funded by the European Union. For the Centre for Nursing Culture and Research, I led the proposal to study the Lifestyle, Health and Well-being of Italian Nurses and Student Nurses, and organised subsequent conferences.  I am fluent in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

I am member of the Royal Society of Public Health.

Research and knowledge exchange

Ongoing research

Health Information in the age of Social Network

Health literacy

Arts and health

Main  research interest

Older people

Health Literacy

Arts and Health

Social Justice

European/ International Health policy development

Teaching and subject expertise

I lead a number of undergraduate and postgraduate modules for the BSc Health Studies suite of programmes and MSc Public Health, these include Academic Development, Research Methods and Social Aspects of Health. I supervise undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations. 

Publications and research outputs

Publications – Selection


  • E Corvo, W De Caro; A policy comparison of health information and health literacy plans.: Elisabetta Corvo, European Journal of Public Health, Volume 28, Issue suppl_4, 1 November 2018, cky218.027, 

  • W De Caro, L Mitello, E Corvo; Health policy, task shifting and nursing in Italy: a policy analisys: Walter De Caro, European Journal of Public Health, Volume 28, Issue suppl_4, 1 November 2018, cky214.059,

  • W De Caro, E Corvo; Health information in the age of social networks: Walter De Caro, European Journal of Public Health, Volume 28, Issue suppl_4, 1 November 2018, cky218.015,

  • De Caro, W., Corvo, E., Sansoni, J. (2017). eHealth Literacy Scale: validation of online version in Italian. Professioni infermieristiche, 70 (Special Issue), 21-24 doi: 10.7429/pi.2017.70SIHL21 - ISSN 0302 0205

  • Coffey, A., McCarthy, G., O’Mahony A., M Arola., S. Auer., E. Corvo., D. Deimante-Hartmane., U. Gaidys., C Petersen- Ewert., J. Sansoni., Mikkonen, I. (2016) Gerontology: a future career choice in health and social care?                Ageing  February              9-11      

Conference Presentation and Posters – Selection


  • De Caro W, L. Mitello, E. Corvo (20-23 october 2018) Development and validation of HELIS - Health Literacy & information Scale. Boston University Medical Campus. Health Literacy Research Conference – HARC X – Bethesda Mariland USA  

  • De Caro W, Corvo E., Marucci AR, Giordani M, Mitello M, Sansoni J. (2017) Healthy Lifestyle: Attitudes of Nurses and Nursing Students (Poster)Sigma Tetha Tau International STTI - 44th Biennial Convention Influence Through Action: Advancing Global Health, Nursing, and MidwiferyIndianapolis, Indiana, USA November

  • De Caro,W., Corvo, E. Building Social Capital: an analysis on Social Networks. Poster International Council of Nurses - ICN Congress "Nurses at the forefront transforming care"Barcelona (Spain)         May       2017


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