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Dr Aruna Jago-Brown

Senior Lecturer

School: School of Allied and Public Health Professions

Campus: Canterbury

Tel: 01227 922177

Profile summary

Senior lecturer; Nuclear Medicine Pathway specialist in the radiography team and lecturer for the BSc Dianostic Radiography undergraduate programme, focusing mostly on the field of Radiation science. The post includes facilitating the learning of radiography students in seminar groups around themes of collaboration, patient care and professionalism.

In addition to teaching and supervising, responsibilities include personal tutoring as a Personal Academic Tutor, to 1st, 2nd & 3rd year students offering support and delivery of group information as well as individual tutorials. Academic responsibility for six undergraduate modules, one of which is a the Specialist Imaging Modalities module which focuses on the Physics of the various radiography modalities. This encompasses not just teaching and assessment, but leading the development of the modules. 

Additionally a keen researcher with additional responsibilities for the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine as External Training Moderator and Viva examiner for IPEM Nuclear Medicine technologist. STEM ambassador and External Examiner for the MSc in Nuclear Medicine at the University of West England.

I have recently become the Link tutor for William Harvey Hospital, one of our student placement sites and find that I am enjoying the additional skills required for collaborating with a clinical department. 

Sessional Lecturer in Nuclear Medicine at the University of Exeter.

Research and knowledge exchange

I am interested in research projects in the specialised area of radiopharmacy.

I have worked in North America and Brazil in the past and enjoy delivering lectures to students abroad, areas such as P.E.T. and SPECT CT which are are still being explored abroad and the transfer of knowledge is a useful means to learn about how other countries overcome obstacles and solve problems. 

I am linked to the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), in Brazil and would like to pursue an exchange programme with their undergraduate students in the future.

Teaching and subject expertise

My specialist field is Nuclear Medicine and Medical Physics, my areas of interest are Radiopharmacy and therapy using I-131 for Thyroid ablations.

I am a member of the British Nuclear Medicine Society and a member of Institute of Physics and Engineers in Medicine.

External activities

A. Jago-Brown- SPECT CT study day. Presenting at Medway Maritime Hospital, Mar 2013

A. Jago-Brown- The Development of Technologist Training in the UK, IPEM training scheme and BSc in Nuclear Medicine programme, advantages and disadvantages. Invited speaker, UFRN Brazil, Feb 2013

A. Jago-Brown-The Experiences of Implementing a SPEC CT service in a Nuclear Medicine DepartmentInvited Guest Speaker in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. Feb 2013                                            

A. Jago-Brown- A Comparison of Parathyroid Imaging Nuclear Medcine Techniques. Presented at South West Nuclear Medicine Meeting, Feb 2008

A. Jago-Brown- A Review of the DaTSCAN Master class, Radiology Education Day. Presented at CanterburyChristchurchCollegeUniversity, June 2003

A. Jago-Brown Invited Speaker- The Implementation of Technegas in East Kent. QADOS Regional Meeting. Presented in Sterling, Scotland 2003

A. Brown Invited speaker-Clinical Practice and Research making a difference. Presented at the College of Radiographers Research seminar London 1999.

A. Brown Invited speaker-Medical Physics and Nuclear Medicine-The Fundamental concepts. Presented at KingsSchoolCanterbury 1999.

A. Brown, N.J.Carter, P.Sorell, M.J.O’Doherty Microbiological and Radiological Contamination: Is there a problem? Presented at the European Conference of Nuclear Medicine GlasgowScotland 1997

A.Brown Invited speaker-Exchange what an experience? Presented at the British Nuclear Medicine Society Annual Conference Brighton 1997

A.Brown, N.J.Carter, C.N.P. Eustance, A.J. Coakley We are running late due to circumstances beyond our control-sorry within our control! Presented at the British Nuclear Medicine Society Annual Conference Brighton 1996

Publications and research outputs

As Main Author

A.Brown, N.J.Carter, M.J.O’Doherty Microbiological and Radiological Contamination from radioaerosol ventilation scanning: Is there a problem? Volume 20 Nuclear Medicine communications, August 1999

As Co-Author

N.J.Carter, A.Brown, S.F. Barrington, T.O.Nunan, M.J.O’Doherty A walk-in service for wrist fractures-a reality? Presented at the British Nuclear medicine Society Annual Conference London 1995 (winner of the Amersham award for best technologist paper) Croatian society of Nuclear Medicine Annual Congress, Zagerb Croatia 1996


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