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Dr Nick Woznitza

Senior Lecturer

School: School of Allied and Public Health Professions

Campus: Medway

Tel: 01227 924427

Profile summary

I qualified as a diagnostic radiographer from the University of South Australia before coming to the UK in 2005. In my joint appointment as a clinical academic reporting radiographer at Homerton University Hospital and Canterbury Christ Church University, I report a range of plain imaging examinations including skeletal, chest and neonatal x-rays, teach image interpretation and conduct research into the accuracy and impact of radiographer reporting.

In recognition of my work on the lung cancer pathway, clinical reporting education and research I was awarded the Chief Allied Health Professions Officer Practice Innovator of the Year and AHP of the Year 2017.

Research and knowledge exchange

Current Research

Impact of radiographer immediate reporting of chest X-rays from general practice on the lung cancer pathway (radioX) [Chief Investigator]

Immediate chest X-ray (CXR) reporting for patients referred from general practice is advocated in the national optimal lung cancer pathway to improve time to diagnosis of lung cancer and to reduce inappropriate 2WW referrals. The objective of the study is to examine the impact of immediate reporting of CXR referred by general practice by radiographers, on lung cancer patient pathways.

Research funded by Cancer Research UK

Optimising radiographers contribution to the lung cancer pathway [Chief Investigator]

Diagnostic capacity is a barrier to early diagnosis and improved outcoems for cancer patients. Lead investiagtor for a feasibility study examining the effectiveness of a hub & spoke model to support trainee chest X-ray reporting radiographers for a pan-London cohort of students.

Research is funded by NHS England

Previous research

Establishing the diagnostic accuracy of radiographer chest x-ray reports and their influence on clinicians' diagnostic decision-making: A comparison with consultant radiologists.

Diagnostic accuracy study confirmed comparable accuracy of consultant radiologist and reporting radiographers adult chest X-ray interpretation. Case control study found chest X-ray reports of radiologists and radiographers were used the same by clinicians when making diagnostic decisions.

Research funded by the College of Radiographers (UK).

Agreement in neonatal image interpretation: A comparison between consultant paediatric radiologists and a reporting radiographer in clinical practice

Comparative analysis of clinical reports on neonatal plain imaging examinations, as assessed by consultant neonatologists.

Funded by the International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists.


Research Funding

Cancer Research UK Early Diagnosis Advisoy Group                                                   £113,000

NHS England Diagnostic Capacity Fund                                                                   £151,695

ISRRT Neonatal Image Interpretation Agreement                                                      £2,500    

College of Radiographers Industry Partnership Scheme                                                £9,720

NHS London CAT Internship Training Fellowship                                                         £10,000

Teaching and subject expertise

My specialist expertise is image interpretation education. I use my clinical knowledge and skills to deliver high quality teaching using a variety of methods; lectures, case based learning, tutorials and interactive quizzes. I am an advocate of research informed learning, drawing on my own work and that of the contemporary literature, which ensures that content reflects current best practice and facilitates evidence based radiography.

Teaching other medical professionals in clinical practice, including radiographers, specialist radiology registrars, nurses and allied health professionals, through interactive, case based sessions, not only reinforces the role of the reporting radiographer but also improves inter-professional communication.

As an active researcher I embed research into my learning and teaching, ensuring that content reflects the current evidence, but also to instil research as fundamental tool for radiographers and radiography practice. 

Online Learning Modules

e-Learning for Healthcare – Image Interpretation Project (2009 – 2012)

Developed and authored 14 modules on adult skeletal, adult chest, paediatric skeletal and neonatal chest and abdominal image interpretation. Promotion of the project at UK Radiology Conference 2010 – 2015.

External activities

Chief Allied Health Professions Officer Awards

Practice Innovator of the Year 2017

AHP of the Year 2017

Professional Bodies

Trustee - British Institute of Radiology 2015-18

Clinical Vice President - UK Radiology Congress 2016-18

Accredited Consultant Radiographer (College of Radiographers, UK) 2015-21

First Accredited Advanced Practitioner Radiographer (Australian Society of Medical Imaging & Radiation Therapy, Australia) 2014-17

College of Radiographers Diagnostic Imaging Advisory Group 2017-20

ASMIRT Radiographer Commenting Project Working Group 2017-18

Stakeholder - National Optimising Lung Cancer Pathway 2015-16

Invited Presentations

Team Working in Imaging: Impact of Radiographer Advanced practice - Australian Society of Medical Imaging & Radiation Therapy, Perth 2017

Advanced Practice in Diagnostic Imaging - Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists, Halifax Canada 2016

Team working in radiology - UK Radiology Congress, Manchester 2014

Role of Advanced Practitioner Radiographer - Combined Scientific Meeting, Melbourne 2014

Advanced Radiographic Practice in Adult Chest Imaging - Radiological Society of North America, Chicago 2014

Publications and research outputs

Peer Reviewed Articles

Smith T., Harris J., Woznitza N., Marese S., Sale C. (2015) Conceptualisation of the characteristics of advanced practitioners in the medical radiation professions

Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences [IN PRESS] doi:

Woznitza N. & Piper K. (2014) Re: Contribution of allied health professionals to NHS care goes unrecorded Brit Med J 349:g6019 doi:

Woznitza N. (2014) Commentary – Radiographer Reporting

Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences 61;2:66-8 DOI: 10.1002/jmrs.51

Woznitza N., Burke S., Patel K., Amin S., Grayson K, Bothamley G. (2014) Adult chest radiograph reporting by radiographers: Preliminary data from an in-house audit programme Radiography 20;3:223-9

Woznitza N, Piper K, Rowe S, West C. (2014) Optimizing patient care in radiology through team-working: A case study. Radiography 20;3:258-63

Piper. K, Cox. S, Paterson. A, Thomas. A, Thomas. N, Jeyagopal. N, Woznitza N.  (2014) Chest Reporting by Radiographers: Findings of an accredited postgraduate programme. Radiography 20;1: 94 –9


Conference Abstracts

Woznitza N., Piper K., Burke S., Ellis S., Bothamley G. (2015) Chest x-ray agreement: comparative analysis between consultant radiologists, reporting radiographers and expert chest radiologists doi: 10.1594/ecr2015/B-1143

European Congress of Radiology, Vienna


Woznitza N., Piper K., Aladangady N., Iliadis K., Prakash R., Santos R. (2014) Agreement in neonatal x-ray interpretation: A comparison between consultant paediatric radiologists and a reporting radiographer

ISRRT Congress, Helsinki


Woznitza N & Piper K (2011) Can reporting radiographers provide clinically relevant reports?

Annual Scientific Meeting of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy, Adelaide, Australia


Woznitza N., Burke S., Patel K., Amin S., Grayson K(2013) Chest X-Ray Interpretation: Agreement Between Consultant Radiologists And A Reporting Radiographer In Clinical Practice In The United Kingdom Am J Respir Crit Care Med 187;2013:A2229

American Thoracic Society Congress, Philadelphia


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