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This programme has been designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to start discussing the concerns, preferences and wishes of patients, residents or other users of health and social care as they come to the end of their lives so that they are fully involved in decisions concerning their living and their dying, a process otherwise known as ‘Advance Care Planning’.

Each unit focuses on a specific aspect of advance care planning, including definitions and examples, reasons why they are necessary, legal capacity, practical help and advice when discussing someone’s impending death, and their wishes for its management.

Later units focus on the needs of specific groups including the elderly or those with dementia and other long-term debilitating conditions who wish to die at home, people with learning disabilities, those wishing to die in their care or nursing home, and the areas in which children and young adults may be cared for as they die.

The units have been developed by local experts in the field of end of life care with the generous support of Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex. They are entirely free for you to access either individually, or as a complete programme as often, or whenever your needs dictate. We trust that you will find them helpful.


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