How do I get a council tax exemption certificate?

How do I get a council tax exemption certificate?

Council tax can cost your household over £100 a month, but if you’re a full time student, you may not need to pay.

If you have moved into a shared accommodation with other full time students (and no other occupants aged 18 or over), you will need to notify the council that you are exempt by sending in copies of your Council Tax Exemption certificate. This can be downloaded and printed from the Formal Documents tile in the Student Website.

Check that your term time address is up to date – if it’s not you can change this in the Personal Details tile but may need to wait a few hours for this update to be processed. Once you have your Exemption certificates, all occupants should send them together in the same envelope to your local council.

If you are living in an accommodation with someone ineligible for Council Tax Exemption (aged 18 or over), you can still send off your exemption certificates to enable them to apply for a single person discount which will reduce the council tax bill for your household by 25%.

Occupants aged under 18 are not liable to pay Council Tax.

To access a Council Tax exemption certificate you must be:

  • A full-time student
  • Fully registered on the current year of your course.

To download your certificate:

  1. Sign in to the Student Website.
  2. Click on the tile called 'Formal Documents'
  3. Click on the button for Council Tax Exemption. This wil send a Council Tax document to your University email address. You can then send this to your local council or anyone else who requires it.

Advice for international students in regards to council tax can be found by clicking here. Always seek early advice if you receive a bill and you are not sure why.

Further information is available from the University's Student Support and Wellbeing Advisers. Drop in times can be found here.


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