How do I get my CAS letter?

How do I get my CAS letter?

After receiving an Unconditional offer you will then be invited via MyRecord to undertake a pre-CAS credibility interview with Admissions Officers.  If you pass the pre-CAS interview you will be invited to pay your Course Deposit via the Deposit tile under Application(s) in MyRecordThe Deposit payment can take a few days to be confirmed to the Admissions Team who will then begin preparing a CAS request, preparation for this can take several days.

Once the request has been made you will see a CAS tile appear in MyRecord here you will be asked to upload all required evidence for your CAS. Once all evidence has been uploaded it will undergo final checks by the UKVI Compliance Team who will then reject or issue the CAS letter. 

Please note the issuing of a CAS can take several weeks to complete from the point that an offer is made.  All CAS enquiries must go directly to the relevant Admissions Team. 

You can find more information about CAS, Visas and Immigration here.


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