Making a Pledge

Show your commitment to the Expect Respect campaign by making the pledge. By all coming together, we have the power to stand up for our University values and to make it clear that as a community we expect respect and do not support bullying or harassment of any form including that of a sexual nature.


I pledge:

  • To give respect to all
  • To take responsibility for helping to create an inclusive and welcoming University
  • To take positive action to prevent discrimination by not tolerating, condoning or ignoring harassment of any kind
  • To educate myself and others about sexual harassment. What it is, how it makes people feel and challenging sexual harassment when possible.

To take the pledge is simple:

  • Click on Enter Now
  • Fill in your contact details
  • Upload a photo (this can be anything but we would love to see people holding up their pledge)
  • Under title add your own personal pledge or message of support
  • Submit and then once approved we will share

pledges to date -  553



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