The Bulldog of Brexit? Winston Churchill and the Great Debate on Europe - Prof Kevin Ruane

Og46 - Michael Berry Lecture Theatre
Wednesday 15 May 2019 (18:00-19:00)
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Kevin Ruane, Professor of Modern History at Canterbury Christ Church University and a By-Fellow, Churchill College, University of Cambridge


Winston Churchill was a great European, and a great believer in European unity, especially after the Second World War. But what kind of unity did he have in mind? A federal super-state or looser inter-governmental cooperation? And what part was Britain to play in what he called a ‘United States of Europe’? In this Age of Brexit, both sides, Leave and Remain, have claimed Winston Churchill as one of their own, an ally and supporter of their respective causes. In this compelling lecture, Kevin Ruane looks at the way that Brexiteers and Remainers have used and abused Churchill’s Europeanism. As he will show, Churchill’s relationship with Europe is at once more complicated, compelling and surprising than either side in the Brexit argument have allowed.

Kevin Ruane is Professor of Modern History at Canterbury Christ Church University, a By-Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge, and an expert on post-war international history. He has published widely over a long and distinguished career and is the author of books on subjects as diverse as European unity, the Atomic Bomb, the Cold War and Vietnamese history. His most recent book, Churchill and the Bomb (Bloomsbury), was published in 2016 to great acclaim and was voted one of the ‘Books of the Year’ by BBC History magazine and the Times Higher Education. Kevin is an engaging and entertaining public speaker who has lectured around the world on Churchill and his life and times, including the last two International Churchill Society conferences in Washington, DC and New York City. His media work includes appearances on BBC’s The One Show and contributions to recent documentaries on Channel 5, the History Channel, Japanese television and BBC radio.


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