Professor Sir John Curtice: Delighted, Divided or Despairing?

Augustine Hall
Tuesday 12 November 2019 (18:00-19:00)
Contact or Tel: 01227 922994


Please note, this venue for this event has changed from its original location in Old Sessions House. The event will now take place in Augustine Hall, in Augustine House, Rhodaus Town, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 2YA.

Professor Sir John Curtice: ‘Delighted, Divided or Despairing? Voters’ Reactions to the Brexit Process’ 

John Curtice

Polling expert Sir John Curtice, Professor of Politics at Strathclyde University in Scotland and Senior Research Fellow at NatCen Social Research will discuss the public’s reaction to the Brexit process in this thought-provoking lecture. 

The UK’s decision to leave the EU is one of the most important public policy decisions the country has taken since 1945. Occasionaed by a narrow majority vote in a referendum, whether and how Brexit should be pursued has ever since been the subject of intense debate and discussion – not least because the politicians have struggled to implement the instruction they were given by voters. But where do voters themselves now stand on Brexit? 

John has written extensively about voting behaviour in elections and referendums in the UK, as well as on British political and social attitude. He has been a co-editor of NatCen’s annual British Social Attitudes reports series for over 20 years, and is a regular contributor to British and international media coverage of politics in the UK. 


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