Wednesday 7 October 2020 (11:00-12:00)

An online discussion event of the Sustainability in Higher Education (SHE) Discussion Group

Virtual via Microsoft Teams

As part of the Sustainability team's post SHE conference (May 2020) Discussion Group events, Dr Fran Martin, Honorary Research Fellow in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Exeter, will facilitate the next one, focusing on how the world is having to respond to a range of interconnected sustainability issues such as inequality and exclusion, conflict and refugee displacement, which are inextricably linked to the climate emergency. Many responses that we have witnessed in the West (increasing racism and xenophobia, economic and cultural protectionism, climate denial) focus on the maintenance of the status quo and ensuring a way of life that some argue is leading to social collapse (Bendell,2018).

Added to this is the dominance of the West in the universalizing tendencies of globalization, a dominance attributed to the legacy of colonialism and the enduring influence of the coloniality of power (Quijano, 2000) in all walks of life, including education. If coloniality is (as some argue) at the heart of the problems facing the sustainability of the planet, then decolonial ways of being, doing, knowing and valuing may help us find a way forward. All staff and studnets are welcome to join, but you'll need to please email Adriana Consorte-McCrea if you'd like to be included on the SHE Discussion email circulation, and she can also send you the two papers to read ahead this event.


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