Joint Seminar Series on Religion and Science: Epistemic Insight and Identity – Professor Berry Billingsley & Dr Anne Nortcliffe

Old Sessions House CT1 1PL
Wednesday 16 May 2018 (17:00-18:30)

Og32 – Lecture Theatre

The final talk of the seminar series is delivered by Professor Berry Billingsley and Dr Anne Nortcliffe who will present their talk and draw the seminar series to a close: “Look mum no hands: Ethics and the driverless car”

For years passing your driving test has been an initiation into adulthood, a passport to freedom and new experiences. But for the generations to come the advent of driverless cars might consign this to history. As with all emerging technology we must as thinkers, develop a new language of ethics to cope with the conundrums that these innovations present. Just as young people in the past had to be inducted into the responsibility of driving a car, we will have to assist in developing in young people a new set of tools and skills for working with an automated world. Young people are interacting with devices which can listen, speak and maybe even “think” – or so it appears. They are living, learning, playing and working in the engineered world that our generation has initially created - and they will become the engineers, scientists, teachers and parents of the next generation. In this session, we will showcase for feedback ways that engineering education, teacher education and schools can help young people to build their self-understanding and epistemic insight (understanding of how knowledge works) that they will need to make sense of the decisions, their actions, responsibilities and opportunities they encounter to contribute to these systems.

A joint seminar series from INCISE, NICER and LASAR Running from 21st March – 16th May:

  • Wed 21st March – The Revd Dr Jeremy Law Dean of the Chapel
  • Wed 28th March – Professor Andrew Peterson
  • Wed 18th April – Professor Richard Norman – University of Kent
  • Wed 25th April – Lama Jampa Thaye (Dr David Stott)
  • Wed 2nd May - The Third Dupseng Rinpoche
  • Wed 9th May – Professor Trevor Cooling
  • Wed 16th May – Professor Berry Billingsley & Dr Anne Nortcliffe


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