Performance Lecture Series: Black Dancers in British Ballet

Arts and Culture, General
Wednesday 15 December 2021 (18:00-19:30)

The Centre for Practice-based Research in the Arts and School of Creative Arts and Industries presents: Black Dancers in British Ballet with Dr Sandie Bourne.

Dr Sandie Bourne is a dancer, choreographer and researcher, her most recent field of study specialises in the historic under-representation of Black artists in British ballet institutions.
Dr Sandie Bourne will present some examples of the early historical representations of Black people in ballet who were characterised by iconic ballet performers in blackface, a practice that continues today. She also reveals how Black dancers were discouraged from participating in ballet and steered towards other dance forms. She will explore the historic achievements of Black dancers in British ballet from Les Ballet Nègres, Europe's first Black dance company in the 1940s, to the present day. She will conclude with a brief overview of her Black British Ballet project which aims to celebrate the lives of these pioneers.


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