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22 November 2023
6:00pm - 7:00pm

New Public Lecture: Sarah Porter - Mortal Humans, Time Machines, and a Future with AI

Kicking off our 2023-24 Public Lectures series is Sarah Porter, an award-winning tech entrepreneur and international AI advisor, on Wednesday 22 November, 6pm.

Sarah’s lecture is titled Mortal Humans, Time Machines, and a Future with AI. Sarah will provide an overview of the current state of AI and explore what that means for our future.

Sarah is the founder and CEO of InspiredMinds, a global community of 220,000 high level experts in AI and emerging technology, which is highly regarded as one of the most influential ecosystems in Artificial Intelligence globally.

Sarah is an advisor to the UN, the previous chairperson of Women in AI, and founded ADA-AI: a not for profit focusing on the democratization of tech. Sarah is an advisor to the EU AI council and many more organisations in both the private and public sector.

In 2017, Sarah lobbied on behalf of the all-girl Afghan Robotics team vs the Trump travel ban. She founded the first STEM school for girls in Kabul and is now working to build an online school for girls still in Afghanistan.

Please email Corporate Comms for more information.