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New facilities in Science, Technology, Health, Engineering and Medicine

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Bones and jewel-encrusted brooch of anglo-saxon woman found on campus


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Science, Engineering, Health and Medicine Building

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Demolition work on Canterbury Campus

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Lord Mayor marks milestone in new STEM building for the South East



University appoints contractor for new flagship building


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Demolition of Davidson, Lang and Temple Halls of Residence (Time Lapse) 

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Drone footage of Prison works

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A Campus for the Future

We have an exciting vision to transform our Canterbury Campus, opening contemporary spaces for learning, teaching and research, while celebrating the city’s rich heritage.

Our £150m investment over the next 10 to 15 years will provide a campus for the 21st  century which students, staff and the wider community can enjoy.

Carefully designed to complement the history of our campus location on a UNESCO World Heritage Site – built on the grounds of the ancient St Augustine’s Abbey and within sight of Canterbury Cathedral and St Martin’s Church – our new buildings and conversion plans connect the city’s historic sites.

Building by Numbers


new Science, Engineering and Technology professionals needed by 2020 (Royal Academy of Engineering) 

Creative Industries contribute £10.5 million per hour to the UK Economy

Campus Developments

Scientists working in the lab

The Verena Holmes Building Science, Technology, Health, Engineering and Medicine (Completed)

Our new multi-million-pound facility for Science, Technology, Health, Engineering and Medicine opened in January 2021. It is home to the Kent and Medway Engineering, Design, Growth and Enterprise (EDGE) Hub, alongside new specialist health, science and medicine facilities. Providing innovative learning and teaching, our industry focused courses support highly skilled work-ready graduates into a range of careers and sectors.

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Daphne Oram building

Daphne Oram Creative Arts Building (Completed)

Our new Creative Arts Building is the first development to open as part of our £150m plans, providing another vibrant, creative facility on our campus. Constantly evolving courses and the latest digital facilities will support and inspire the next generation of artistic professionals.

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Building 3 Prison Conversion

The conversion of Canterbury’s 19th century prison is the final development in our 15-year plan. Our researchers and academics are exploring and preserving the history of the prison before this exciting transformation takes place.

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Growing the Economy

Impact on the Regional Economy

Universities make a great impact on the UK economy, producing graduates with skills, ideas and talent, and research which is pioneering for the future.

They are also big businesses, generating billions of export earnings for the UK and employing hundreds of thousands of people across the country.

Christ Church contributes to this flourishing knowledge economy every year and is proud to make a difference regionally, nationally and internationally with courses and research that are relevant and responsive to today’s issues.

We directly support local businesses and tourism by bringing thousands of students and their families into the region, helping the South East remain vibrant.

Our development plans accelerate our contribution to the economy, with new courses and services across science, engineering, technology and the arts, providing the graduate skills needed to boost the regional economy.


A new Facility for Science, Technology, Health, Engineering and Medicine

Our new multi-million pound facility for Science, Engineering, Technology and Health opened in January 2021. It will take advantage of our strong links with industry and employers to produce work ready engineering graduates who can make an active contribution to 21st century society. It will be home to the Kent and Medway Engineering, Design, Growth and Enterprise (EDGE) Hub.

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Creative Industries

We're constantly updating our courses and facilities to support and inspire the next generation of creative professionals. We work with employers to ensure our teaching is relevant and our graduates have the skills the booming UK Creative Industries require.

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Community and Heritage

Being Part of the Community and a World Heritage Site

Our vision for a campus transformation has been shaped by the community and our strong links to the city and its past.

Thanks to public feedback during the design of our Estate Master Plan, we have an exciting vision to provide new open spaces and facilities for the local community that combine Canterbury’s rich heritage and confident future.

Canterbury campus

Our Historic Setting

Built in the grounds of the ancient St Augustine’s Abbey, and within sight of the magnificent Canterbury Cathedral, our University is right in the centre of city life.

As a Church of England Foundation University we also have a unique connection with Canterbury Cathedral and the Archbishop of Canterbury as Chancellor of our University. Our Foundation inspires our values and mission, with a firm belief that education changes lives for the better.

Canterbury celebrated 30 years as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2018.

We are privileged to be situated in this UNESCO World Heritage Site and, as one of only a small number of universities in the UK to enjoy this prestigious connection, we are proud of our location and place in this wonderful city.

Our future campus is helping to keep the city’s rich heritage and history alive, from the preservation of the abbey wall in the Arts Building to the recreation of the former Pilgrim’s Trail from St Martin’s Church.


New Open Spaces

In transforming our new campus, we are creating new open spaces for students, staff and the community to enjoy.

In our plans, the new spaces in which our buildings sit are as important as the buildings themselves. New outdoor spaces have been designed to unify our campus buildings and to help visitors navigate their way through the campus connecting two important WHS sites: Canterbury Cathedral and St Martin's Church.

At the heart of the extended site is the Abbey Square; a new public space framed by steps that double up as seating. The square will be an outdoor space in which people can eat, socialise, and interact, while taking in open views to St Martin’s Church in the east and St Augustine’s Abbey and Canterbury Cathedral in the west. The space will also be a perfect location for outdoor events in the summer.

Ariel view of prison

The Former Prison Site

Situated right next to our main North Holmes Road campus, the buildings that made up HM Prison Canterbury provided an excellent opportunity to expand and develop our main campus when they came up for sale in 2014.

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