Women's Network

The Women's Network began in March 2014 and has since organised a number of activities and events for Network members and the wider University community.

The Network meets approximately once month and its Aim and  Terms of Reference can be found here. If you would like to get involved or become a member please email  cccuw@canterbury.ac.uk.The Network has a Facebook group and you can follow the Network on Twitter @CCCUW 

Woman's Staff Network


The network has been set up to focus on women staff from across the University. The Network seeks to inform the development of University policy and procedures relating to the working lives of women staff, and enables women staff to come together, share experiences, opportunities and knowledge, offer mutual support, and discuss issues that are important to them.  

Terms of Reference

  • To provide a channel of communication on issues of importance to the membership between the Network and points of University decision making.
  • To provide a safe space in which to share experiences, opportunities, ideas and concerns.
  • To offer a place of mutual support to all women from across the University.
  • To establish working groups to explore issues and recommend changes to enhance policy or practice.
  • To raise awareness and provide a forum for the discussion of gender equality issues, both within the Network and the wider University community.



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