School Directorates

The School of Teacher Education is made up of two directorates. Read more about them below.

Initial Teacher Training and Education (ITTE)

The Initial Teacher Training and Education Provision at Canterbury Christ Church University is one of the largest ITTE partnerships in the country. We support the training, education and development of over 1700 student teachers each year, working with almost 500 partners across the region, nationally and internationally. Our provision is carefully crafted to address the needs and challenges of our communities, and the driving purpose of our ITTE is to bravely develop the teaching profession for sustainability and positive impact on all learners.

Professional Learning

Our professional learning and collaborative provision provides opportunities for established, beginning, and emerging educationalists to develop or further their skills and qualifications. Our professional awards provide school and college based colleagues the opportunities to be accredited in specialisms such as a SENCo, Dyslexia, or Career Leadership. Our collaborative provision, working in partnership with schools and colleges across the South East, London, and East of England, provides beginning teachers an immersive work-based qualification and experience in a primary, secondary, or further education setting. Our foundation degrees offer colleagues in schools or colleges working in a range of educational roles a work-based opportunity to acquire a qualification that begins their journey towards becoming an education practitioner.


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