Curriculum: Language & Intercultural Education

Leading on the creative mind and its application to pedagogy, classroom, curriculum and the development of teachers, students and pupils, we see creativity and the ability to change things for the better as fundamental to human flourishing.

The group is firstly committed to identifying, developing, honouring and practising our own unique creative strengths - in relationships, self-understanding, arts, humanities, sciences or the links between them. Placing these gifts within a clear values framework the group seeks to support others in discovering, celebrating and using their passions to the benefit of young people in schools and in further and higher education.

We specialise in research and knowledge exchange that highlights, promotes or introduces creativity and innovation to schools, further and higher education. Our work might involve new ideas in curriculum or classroom design, subject application or approaches to pedagogy. It may also work with innovative uses of technology, environment or other resources or explore imaginative ways of supporting, motivating and engaging students.

Theme Leaders

Gemma van Vuuren-Cassar and Simon Holt

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