Auto/biography and Narrative

The group represents a range of professional practice and research interests across Schools in the Faculty of Education, with especial reference to student learning, professional practice but also to change and transitional processes in people’s learning lives.

Those who have attended meetings have discussed the potential of using narrative in practice, in the classroom, across learning lives and in careers work and supporting children and young people.

Colleagues work with diverse age groups and in multicultural contexts and view the approach as a way of engaging / enlivening teaching, learning, professional work and research enquiry. Thus the interest relates to biography and narrative in both practice and research on practice, and with reference to processes of learning and experiences of change more widely. Under the broad umbrella of biographical methods, interests within the group include auto/ biography, narrative, life history, autoethnography, literary explorations, the use of images, and exploration through drama and other creative methods. In summary, the meetings, which are open

to CCCU academics and doctoral students, provide an opportunity for developing and supporting research from an initial idea through to execution and publication. We also seek to understand interdisciplinary ways of using, for instance, psychological, sociological and literary frames, as well as educational approaches, within interpretive research.

Theme Leaders

Alan Bainbridge and Yordanka Valkanova

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