Parents in Education Research Network (PERN)

Parents and family play a vital role in children’s academic development and education. The Parents in Education Research Network (PERN) is an international network of individuals and organisations that exists to promote and disseminate research about families and carers’ participation in the education of children – in the home, in the school, in the community and more widely.

PERN links education professionals, academics and others with an interest in parental involvement in education across 32 countries worldwide and aims to: 

  • encourage and publish new research in the field;
  • promote the effective use of findings;
  • facilitate and encourage the exchange of information and discussion of key issues;
  • influence policies;
  • interact with other parents in education research organisations.

PERN’s biannual newsletter presents new research, debates key issues, highlights international conferences and online resources and features contributions from readers from around the world.

To become a member and receive our free biannual newsletter or disseminate details of new research and practice in this field via PERN email:

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Connect with us

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