Research and Knowledge Exchange

Research, Knowledge Exchange and Consultancy in the Faculty of Education supports the development of groups and individuals who are education and education related professionals in critically understanding and appraising educational principles, theories, research, policies and practice. Our work is designed to be responsive, reciprocal and organic, based upon the values we as educators hold most dear.

We are committed to fostering and nourishing an inclusive and collaborative learning community through which knowledge can be critically exchanged and debated, rigorously researched and validated. Central to this approach are core values of integrity and reciprocity, influences on our work at every level.

In terms of knowledge exchange and consultancy activity, staff are skilful in building and maintaining client and partnership relationships where the emphasis is always on listening to needs of individuals and organisations and designing bespoke, creative, cutting edge solutions. This has won contracts with international, national, regional and local organisations and agencies.

Studying at doctoral level

We have a vibrant doctoral community and will support you in finding the right programme, whether that be the taught professional Doctorate (Ed.D) or the PhD. 

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learning about science and religion (LASAR)

The LASAR Centre conducts research and provides public seminars, workshops and resources exploring the relationships between science, religion and other disciplines in education.

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national institute for christian education research

The aim of the centre is to support and conduct research and development to strengthen the work of Christians in education.

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Research centre for children, families & communities

This dynamic centre aims to undertake research that enhances the lives and life chances of children and young people while building string families and communities.

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the teaching & learning academy

The TLA provides opportunities to gain formal recognition for professional enquiry, to learn from your peers and broaden your skills.

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