Our goals

Our Goals

The National Institute of Christian Education Research is a centre in the Faculty of Education at Canterbury Christ Church University. Our aim is to develop world-leading research in areas of interaction between Christianity and education.

We promote research to inform the contribution of faith to the public understanding of education. We support and conduct research and development in order to strengthen the work of Christians in education together with the mission of Church schools. 

We enhance evidence research-based policy decision-making in Church and faith-based national education policy. We collect and analyse research data on Church and faith-based educational and training institutions, particularly on admissions, academic performance, religious education and inspection reports. Our work seeks to develop a theology of Christian education and research the mission and identity of schools and colleges.

In our work: 

  • we seek external funding for research projects
  • we provide national conferences, seminars, and consultancy on Church schools and the Christian dimensions of higher education
  • we encourage Christians to consider teaching as a vocationwe support the work of Christians in non-Church schools
  • we supervise doctoral students undertaking research in areas linked to our work
  • we collaborate with other institutions and bodies that have similar goals, particularly other faith-based higher education institutions and centres

In particular, the Institute has a research agenda that includes: the mission integrity of Church schools; their impact on Church and society; how they contribute to the good of society; their distinctive and authentic principles in education; the kind of leaders needed for Church schools, and their impact on students. It seeks to research the kind of curriculum needed for a flourishing society in which faith and religious life are positively encouraged, visible in and contributing towards public life and the common good.

At our institute, we seek to embody and enact the virtue of hospitality and welcome, through all aspects of our work.


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