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Studying at Doctoral Level

The Faculty of Education offers both the MPhil/PhD and the taught professional doctorate, the Ed.D. Working with experts in specialist fields, students are supported by tutors who have significant experience of home, EU and international student supervision.

The Faculty welcomes full-time and part-time students from a range of education-related backgrounds. On successful application, students become members of our vibrant Faculty and University doctoral community.

Doctorate in Education

The Doctorate in Education (Ed.D) is a part-time programme, designed to support and challenge students from a range of professional backgrounds to gain the necessary skills and expertise required to work at doctoral level. Highly supported, this residential programme (three weekends per year over four and a half years) enables students to develop within a rich community.

Teaching on the Ed.D is based upon the belief that learning is socially mediated, active, constructed by the learner and influenced by the affective domain. As such, Ed.D tutors employ an agentive and inclusive pedagogy. Teaching on the Ed.D is highly interactive, provides opportunity for students to deconstruct their professional contexts and infuses policy and theory throughout taught sessions.

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A PhD involves a commitment to at least 3 years’ study, (5 if part-time) and completion of a thesis of around 80,000 words. The PhD is awarded purely on the strength of your thesis and your ability to present and discuss your findings in an oral examination (viva voce, often referred to as a viva). There are no written examinations.

PhD students work closely with academic supervisors whose research interests are compatible with their own. Students are supported to become members of a strong doctoral community.  

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