“How do we know what’s true?” “How do know what’s real?” “Can we say whether humans are special or just biological beings that happen to be roaming around on a planet for a while?” “Can robots ever equal or surpass us?”

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LASAR carries out world-leading national and international research to investigate the relationships between science, religion and the wider humanities in education. While all of our research projects are connected they fall into two main areas: Learning about Science and Religion and Epistemic Insight.

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LASAR offers a Doctorate in Education (STEM Pathway), CPD for primary and secondary teachers and supervision for PhD and Ed. D students. We also provide keynotes and seminars for teacher education programmes, theme groups and schools outreach.

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Inspiring Minds will empower your students to make informed decisions about their education and employment trajectories while providing spaces where they can share their ideas with each other and have their voices heard.

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To contact LASAR, email LASAR@canterbury.ac.uk

Twitter: @LASARcentre

The director of the LASAR Centre is Berry Billingsley, Professor of Science Education.

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