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For the past 3 years a number of academic staff in the Faculty of Education have been very closely involved in supporting the upgrading of the teaching profession in Palestine.  

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mount mercy

Since its founding 85 years ago by the Sisters of Mercy, 6 (MMU) has been many things: a girls’ academy for training young teachers and nurses, a two-year college for women, a four-year coed liberal arts college, and now a full university. 

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my experience in thailand

When I heard about the British Council offering me the opportunity to go to Thailand, I jumped at the chance. 

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Odisee, Belgium

The interaction between the two Universities involves mobilities of students (and staff) in both directions and comprises three main parts, two by students from Odisee and one by students from CCCU. 

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Aegean College, Athens

The development of a new MSc in Early Childhood Education with Special education at AEGEAN COLLEGE, Athens included working in the shadow of the Acropolis and an earthquake during the validation event.

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South India

Our links with South India extend for nearly two decades and began through extracurricular visits to Kerala and Tamil Nadu focusing on the ‘Goodwill Homes’ charity. 

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